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Fujitsu Journal System for ATM Data Management Deployed by Bank of Nagoya

Enables centralized and efficient operations in a safe and secure environment

Fujitsu Limited,Bank of Nagoya

Tokyo, November 19, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that the Bank of Nagoya has deployed and begun operations of Fujitsu's journal system, which centrally manages ATM transaction records and other journal data from the bank's system center, starting November 11, 2010.

With the launch of the new system, journal data from 418 of the Bank of Nagoya's ATMs is now transmitted in real time across a safe and secure environment to the bank's system center, where it can be centrally managed thereby enabling greater operational efficiency. This greatly reduces the risk of data loss or accidental disposal compared to the conventional approach of keeping records on paper or CD-R disks.


In recent years, many financial institutions manage journal data from ATMs in paper or CD-R formats, both of which are prone to loss or accidental disposal. This has led to a need for more rigorous management of journal data. When journal data is managed using paper or CD-R disks, storing data in archives and other locations requires manual labor, often making management work increasingly burdensome for bank employees. As a result, Japan's financial institutions have sought ways to prevent data loss resulting from accidents during transportation and long-term storage.

In order to resolve these challenges, the Bank of Nagoya deployed Fujitsu's central journal system, which went live on November 11.

The system connects all of the bank's 418 ATMs, located both inside and outside of branch locations, to the Bank of Nagoya's system center, and centrally manages journal data in real time using the center's dedicated servers. By eliminating the need to store data inside ATMs, this enables the creation of a safe and secure environment, as well as improved operational efficiency. Consequently, there is a decreased risk of data lost or accidentally disposed of through mishandling, as well as a reduction in employee workload. Furthermore, in the event a problem arises with a customer, a branch customer service representative can instantly access the journal data stored at the system center using a PC, making it possible to quickly resolve the issue.

Key Features of the Central Journal System

1. Real-time centralized data management in a safe and secure environment

Journal data from transactions at all ATMs is transmitted in real time to the system center, where it is centrally managed. This helps to prevent data leaks due to human error, including loss or accidental disposal at a bank branch, which is a concern when data is managed using conventional methods such as on paper and CD-R disks. In addition, while transmitting data to the system center, the system uses both automatic-retransmission and confirmation functions to ensure its protection, enabling data to be managed within a safe and secure environment.

2. Reduces workload in managing journal data, enables fast responses to customer queries

Having journal data centrally managed at the bank's system center means that individual branches have a lighter administrative workload associated with managing this data. Furthermore, branch employees can access the system center via a PC and look up journal data to quickly resolve any customer problems.

3. Designed with ATM availability in mind

The system is designed to allow ATMs to continue functioning normally even in the unlikely event that the network is unavailable or a server crashes, allowing uninterrupted customer service.

The Bank of Nagoya views this system as a way to increase its operational efficiency and manage risk more comprehensively than before, while offering services that are better suited to customer needs.

Fujitsu will continue to support the Bank of Nagoya's financial systems through its advanced technologies and support.

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Date: 19 November, 2010
City: Tokyo
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