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Fujitsu and Escrit Launch Multidimensional Analysis System for Bridal Industry

Visualization of business conditions enables timely management decisions and front-line management

Fujitsu Limited,Escrit Inc.

Tokyo, November 08, 2010

Fujitsu Limited and Escrit Inc. today announced the joint-development of a multidimensional analysis system using the Software as a Service (SaaS)-based SAP® BusinessObjects BI OnDemand business intelligence solution, provided by Fujitsu, in Japan. The new system will begin operation starting November 5, 2010.

By employing the new service to perform multidimensional analyses of all of Escrit's corporate information, including its business plans, accounting information, as well as sales and operational data from all six of its facilities across Japan, Escrit can visualize the business conditions surrounding the company. This in turn, enables Escrit to formulate company-wide strategies that accurately incorporate the increasingly diverse needs of its customers, to make timely management decisions, and to enhance front-line management at each of its facilities.


Lagunaveil Aoyama

Lagunaveil Aoyama

Escrit, which aims to become an urban bridal services provider, is rapidly growing its business through the expansion of new wedding halls and one-stop services. As a result, the company had been facing an urgent need to develop a system that would allow management to quickly and easily understand the company's business conditions, thereby enabling decisions to be made in a timely fashion. The system would accomplish this by systemizing the know-how of individual employees regarding the collection of data on the progress of sales at each facility, which could then be used to visualize and analyze the company's overall business conditions.

In order to create this new system, Escrit employed the SaaS-based SAP® BusinessObjects BI OnDemand (Advanced Edition) business intelligence service, provided by Fujitsu, to collect, analyze and manipulate vast quantities of internal corporate data and utilize this data in corporate decision making. As a result, Escrit collaborated with Fujitsu to develop a system that made it possible to perform multidimensional analyses of the company's corporate data based on information managed by existing sales support and accounting systems, including sales and operational information, as well as company-wide accounting information and business plans from all of Escrit's six facilities across Japan. By specifying an indicator analysis tree for Escrit's unique key performance indicators, the company can gain a bird's-eye view of its constantly changing operating environment, as well as being able to investigate the cause-and-effects and determine the source of the problem should they arise. Furthermore, by performing multidimensional analyses of the company's planned vs. actual key performance indicators as well as forecasts and achievement results, Escrit can develop and implement definitive, quick-acting strategies and measures.

To create the system, development began at Fujitsu's offshore operations at Fujian Fujitsu Communication Software Co., Ltd., which possesses expert skills in the field of SAP solutions. As a result, the corporate information analysis system was built in 1.5 months, half the period of time it would regularly take, with development costs also roughly cut by half.

A La Mode Palais & The Resort (Kobe)

A La Mode Palais & The Resort (Kobe)

Currently, Escrit has been one of the first companies in its field to incorporate advanced ICT technologies into its business practices. Escrit's recent efforts include the use of iPads to show visitors to its wedding halls, a detailed introduction to how actual ceremonies look and how the atmosphere of the chapel changes depending on the time of day the ceremony is held by using video and photographs. In addition, the company has used Ustream and Twitter to hold seminars for recruitment candidates from the university graduating class of 2012. By employing the newly-developed service, Escrit will offer services that accurately incorporate the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. In the future, the company aims to create a new business model for the bridal industry as an urban bridal services provider.

As part of a joint collaboration with SAP, Fujitsu developed a Japanese version of SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand, the English version of which is employed by 260,000 users in North America. Starting May 2010, Fujitsu began offering the solution to the Japanese market from its cloud environment. Fujitsu has also partnered with in helping companies to deploy cloud computing. Fujitsu will continue to deliver this service, which enables the creation of an environment in which users can perform full-scale analysis without having to own the necessary ICT assets, to customers in a broad range of fields.

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