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Fujitsu Launches On-Demand IaaS Public Cloud Service

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 27, 2010

Fujitsu today announced the availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Japan, starting October 1, 2010. This new IaaS public cloud service will enable customers to utilize servers and other ICT infrastructure across a network on an on-demand basis.

The IaaS public cloud service delivers bundled virtualized ICT infrastructure from Fujitsu's datacenters, providing resources on a metered-use billing system that is based on customer usage. For business processes such as end-of-the-month accounting and unscheduled system development, in which reliability and scalability are essential, the service allows the utilization of low-cost ICT system resources on an as-needed, when-needed basis, without the need of having to build individual ICT systems.

From the end of May to September 2010, Fujitsu offered the new IaaS public cloud service on a trial basis to 200 companies and has recently added a variety of highly-requested new features, including new configuration templates for virtualized ICT systems, network connectivity, and user community functionality. Fujitsu is now launching a commercial version of the service that delivers heightened reliability and convenience.

Overview of On-Demand Virtual System Service

Fujitsu's IaaS public cloud, known as On-Demand Virtual System Service, is a pay-as-you-go service that delivers bundled virtualized ICT infrastructure, including server and storage functionality as well as network and security features, in accordance with the customer's needs over a network.

By utilizing this service, customers can avoid having to build their own ICT systems in times when ICT infrastructure is only temporarily needed such as the development and verification of internal business systems or for business systems for which there are wide fluctuations in capacity requirements. Customers can simply utilize an ICT system environment by simply accessing Fujitsu's datacenters when they need it, thereby significantly reducing ICT system costs.

The service is expected to be employed as an ICT system in new areas, such as agriculture, where up until now the cost and effort of deploying, operating, and maintaining ICT systems had become an obstacle to their broader use.

Overview of New Features

1. Offers 10 configuration templates for virtualized ICT systems

Fujitsu is offering 10 new configuration templates for virtualized ICT systems to significantly simplify the initial configuration process for OS and middleware, networks and other aspects of the virtual system.

Screenshot of the On-Demand Virtual System Service portal site, which can be deployed by using simple mouse-based operations.

Larger View (82 KB)

2. Delivers connectivity to various environments, enables seamless connection to existing systems

Customers can employ private communications services, thereby enabling the creation of dedicated cloud environments as virtual servers can be connected over Fujitsu's FENICS multi-carrier communications service network. In addition, by connecting customer dedicated ICT systems that are already operational inside Fujitsu's datacenters with On-Demand Virtual System Service, users can seamlessly convert their existing ICT systems into hybrid cloud environments.

3. Help desk service offers 24/7 support

In addition to traditional e-mail support, Fujitsu also offers a fee-based 24-hour telephone support line. By accessing a new user community feature on the IaaS system configuration screen in which users can share advice regarding frequently asked questions, customers can employ the IaaS public cloud with confidence and peace of mind, as well.

4. Provides deployment support for customers' business applications

In general, when users run business applications on top of IaaS, it becomes necessary to configure separate platform software to execute these applications, in addition to the IaaS environment offered by service providers. Fujitsu will also provide a site where customers can download approximately 50 types of middleware solutions that are essential to the applications' execution environment, including Interstage, Systemwalker and Symfoware.

While Fujitsu initially planned to offer the service for JPY 31/hour per virtual server, it will now offer it at a discounted rate of JPY 25/hour. As part of the service's launch, customers will have the opportunity to test it for free during a half-day seminar at Fujitsu's Trusted Cloud Square in Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo.

Global Deployment of On-Demand Virtual System Service

Fujitsu plans to gradually roll out On-Demand Virtual System Service in Australia, Singapore, US, UK and Continental Europe, in fiscal 2010.

Fujitsu's Initiatives in Standardizing Cloud Computing

Fujitsu has been a standing member of the board of directors of DMTF(1), an international standards committee for operations management and virtualization technologies, for many years. Recently, Fujitsu has worked to promote the API(2) standardization of IaaS cloud services and has proposed its On-Demand Virtual System Service as one such example. In the future, Fujitsu will continue to work to actively promote the standardization and open development of cloud computing. As well, Fujitsu will work to ensure that customers are not locked in to a particular cloud platform and are able to freely choose cloud service providers or enterprise datacenters that best meet their needs.

Service Pricing (excluding tax) Availability
On-Demand Virtual System Service From JPY 25/hour (per virtual server) October 1, 2010

Sales Target

1,000 companies within the first year of its launch

  • [1] DTMF

    Distributed Management Task Force. An organization that develops standards for ICT systems management and maintenance, virtualization technology, and cloud computing. Comprised of members from approximately 160 IT businesses and organizations.

  • [2] API

    Application Programming Interface. An interface from which users can operate the cloud using their own programs and tools.

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