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Fujitsu and Yamato System Development Collaborate on Private Cloud for a Part of the Business Systems of the Yamato Group

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 14, 2010

Fujitsu Limited and Yamato System Development Co., Ltd. of the Yamato Group today announced that on September 7, 2010, they commenced a joint project to build a private cloud computing environment in Yamato System Development's datacenter that will run a part of the Yamato Group's business systems.

Yamato System Development will support the Yamato Group's business opportunities and enhance its management speed by building an ICT platform enabling group companies to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively access the systems it needs to accommodate business growth. To support the Yamato Group, Fujitsu is providing its latest cloud technology and an ICT platform in a flexible payment arrangement under which Yamato System Development will pay an initial deployment fee and then be charged according to a metered-use billing system.

The Yamato Group will start to provide the new cloud service to a part of the business systems of two group companies starting in June 2011, and gradually deploy it throughout the rest of the group.

New ICT Platform Accelerating Management Reform

Yamato System Development is working in collaboration with Fujitsu to build a new ICT platform for the Yamato Group in the form of a private cloud that, by enabling new ways of utilizing ICT resources, will transform the Yamato Group's e-business operations.

1. Quickly adding and configuring systems as needed

  • Yamato Group will be able to quickly and easily configure systems simply by selecting servers, storage, networks, and other system components from a terminal screen, allowing it to configure systems as quickly as business needs dictate. As a result, whereas it used to require three months to get new systems configured and operational, the required time will now be shortened to just one month.
  • Similarly, in cases in which systems are initially configured on a small scale and then expanded based upon results, what normally would take a month to bring new resources online will now only take five business days, thereby enabling usage more quickly.

2. Controlling costs by using only the ICT resources needed, when they are needed

  • As Yamato System Development's payments to Fujitsu are based on the volume ICT resources used, it will have access to system resources sufficient to handle its peak processing loads without having to pay extra for maintaining a certain level of infrastructure, thereby dramatically reducing costs.

3. Triple-redundant architecture for ICT platform reliability

  • Every layer of the ICT system, from hardware to the virtualization environment and on to the business applications, has triple redundancy for highly reliable ICT resources. This can be used not only for the business system, but also for development, maintenance, and operations.
  • The design allows for maintenance that does not interrupt business continuity, for 24x7 availability.

Cloud Technology Used in the New ICT Platform

1. Extensive use of cutting-edge cloud technologies that automate the flexible provision and operation of ICT resources.

The platform uses three products in the Systemwalker series(1) of integrated operations-management software for private clouds, which Fujitsu first released in April 2010, as well as one product in the ServerView line(2). The Yamato Group's business system is thoroughly standardized, virtualized, and automated up to the middleware layer.

2. Private-cloud platform built for high reliability

The private-cloud platform is comprised of Fujitsu's PRIMEQUEST mission-critical x86 servers and PRIMECLUSTER high-reliability software. Every layer of the system, from hardware to the virtualization environment and business software, is triply redundant for excellent reliability.

3. First on-demand private cloud solution

The on-demand and trusted private-cloud platform was built in the customer's own datacenter. The integration of the operations-management software (1)(2) for the private cloud was delivered upon an initial payment combined with a metered-use billing system – this combination is the first arrangement of its kind to be employed by Fujitsu.

Yamato System Development plans to gradually expand services from its private cloud to all companies in the Yamato Group. The company chose Fujitsu as a partner for meeting its goals of improving business efficiency, matching the accelerating pace of business, increasing satisfaction among an increasingly diverse base of customers, and expanding through the creation of new services.

For its part, Fujitsu looks forward to continuing to provide advanced ICT technologies, including cloud technologies, and working with the Yamato Group as a management partner to help expand its business further.

  • [1] Three products in the Systemwalker series

    Systemwalker Service Catalog Manager V14g: Consolidates business services into a single view and enables visualization of usage status.Systemwalker Software Configuration Manager V14g: Provisions standardized business systems.Systemwalker Runbook Automation V14g: Automates operations-control procedures for business systems.

  • [2] One product in the ServerView line

    ServerView Resource Orchestrator V2: Builds a virtual environment combining servers, storage, and networks.

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