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Fujitsu and Japan Local Network System Launch Private Cloud for Trucking Companies

Updated large-scale, nationwide system supports small- and medium-sized transport companies in Japan

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 13, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that, in collaboration with the Japan Local Network System federation of trucking company unions, it has updated the most advanced truck and freight booking system in Japan and implemented it as a private cloud computing service.

The Local Network System(1) is used by 1,650 small- and medium-sized trucking companies throughout Japan to match cargo information to space available on their trucks, facilitating the booking of truck requests and cargo requests to help them to run their businesses more efficiently.

The Japan Local Network System federation of trucking company unions uses it to disclose logistics information on carrier vehicles, freight, and warehouses, while carriers use it to exchange information directly, as well as to execute contracts and settle accounts in real time. New features in the system include the ability to calculate CO2 emissions for each trip and the ability to use map data, thereby leveraging the power of ICT to help carriers further develop their businesses.

The new system will be demonstrated at the Japan Local Network System booth at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2010, running September 14-17, 2010, at Tokyo Big Sight.

Background on Japan Local Network System's Activities

The Japan Local Network System was formed by small- and medium-sized transport carriers in 1991 to make distribution more efficient and improve service. Today, it has 1,650 members nationwide and is the largest such federation in Japan. It books requests for trucks and cargo, arranging return-trip cargo and efficient partial-load dispatching for no-loss freight. It matches cargo information and available-space information, and can execute contracts and settle transactions in real time, all part of the ongoing effort to make freight transport more efficient.

Features of Local Network System v3

1. Implemented as private cloud

The Local Network System is available 24×7 and can handle constantly updated cargo and truck information in real time. The updated system has been implemented as a private cloud so that carriers can get up and running with it quickly and with no interruption to their operations.

2. Efficient transport with CO2 emissions calculator and map data

(a) CO2 emissions calculator
The Japan Local Network System and the trucking industry as a whole are making use of Fujitsu's expertise and experience with the CO2 emissions calculator(2), which calculates emissions on a per-trip basis. This helps carriers run their businesses in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

(b) Map Data
The new version uses Internet-based map data to show origins, destinations, and trip data with greater precision, for more efficient and higher quality deliveries.

System Framework

UNIX Servers: SPARC Enterprise M3000
Middleware: Interstage/Systemwalker
Network Service: FENICS
PC: FMV Series
E-mail Service: JoinGear
Federation Inquiries: Help Desk Service

The Japan Local Network System has embraced ICT as part of its comprehensive support for small- and medium-sized carriers throughout Japan, as a way for carriers to seek out national-level partners and develop new business through its "Tansa-kun" sales-support system, and with its "Sugu-ni" system(3) for sending information updates to mobile phone e-mail. The federation sees advanced systems as an important way for it to continue being a leading organization, one that is concerned with the environment, safety, and security, and one that contributes to society.

As a partner to the Japan Local Network System and the federation's individual carriers, Fujitsu provides cutting-edge ICT and helps them use it effectively, thereby actively contributing to raising the efficiency of their business and supporting their sales efforts. Providing these systems to its customers is another way in which Fujitsu is helping them reduce their environmental footprints on an ongoing basis.

  • [1] Local Network System

    This system was granted the industry's first business-model patent in September 2008.

  • [2] CO2 emissions calculator

    Complies with the CO2 emissions calculation guidelines for the logistics industry, formulated by the Ministry for Economy, Trade, and Industry, and the Ministry of Transportation.

  • [3] "Sugu-ni" system

    In February 2008, this feature received the Ministry for Economy, Trade, and Industry's "National Federation of Small Business Associations Chairman's Prize" and also the "Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director's Prize."

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Date: 13 September, 2010
City: Tokyo
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