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Fujitsu Launches New Medical Administration System

Functions optimized for online insurance claims statements dramatically streamline reimbursement process

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 08, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that, as of today, it has launched a new administrative system aimed at medical clinics to medium-sized hospitals with up to 300 beds, and designed to streamline the insurance reimbursement process in Japan.

HOPE/SX-R streamlines the process of generating medical insurance claims statements for insurance-paying institutions that detail the treatments performed. With this new system, the claims-form data(1) which had previously been generated at the start and end of each month, can now be generated automatically and in real time when accounting data is entered. Rather than compressing all statement-processing tasks into one day every month, this new system allows medical institutions to handle them on a daily basis, greatly reducing the workload on administrative staff. Help functions linked to each window as well as screen-customization features allow users to tailor the screen layout thus making the system that much easier to use and further boosting day-to-day working efficiency.


In fiscal 2011, the method by which medical institutions request reimbursement for treatment from insurance-paying institutions will fundamentally(2) change to invoicing based on claims-form data, and medical institutions will be required to submit invoice statements either online(3) or in some other electronic form. As well, the government's Strategic Headquarters for the Promotion of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society (IT Strategic Headquarters) has announced a program to "use medical insurance claims data more effectively"(4) which has been used as the impetus to convert all types of information related to medical treatments to electronic form. This in turn has put hospitals and clinics under pressure to convert their statements to electronic form quickly, but as claims-form data is generated all on one day of the month, it places a significant burden on administrative staff and systems.

Fujitsu is building on its track record of more than 37,000 medical administration systems sold to deliver HOPE/SX-R, which generates claims-form data in real time when accounting data is entered.

Claims-form data screen

Larger View (46 KB)

Confirmation screen

Larger View (73 KB)

System Features

HOPE/SX-R can run on a single PC in standalone mode or on as many as 50 in a client-server configuration. With functions that let it tie(5) into numerous other systems, such as electronic health record systems, it has extensive scalability, and can be used in everything from small practices to medium-sized hospitals. As well, the system will be made compliant with electronic health record systems of walk-in clinics(6) in the future.

1. Functions optimized for online invoicing streamline administrative processes

Claims-form data is automatically generated when accounting data is entered, and the claims-form data can be checked for accuracy at any time. This makes it possible to correct errors as part of day-to-day tasks and dramatically reduces the workload when statements need to be issued.

Functions that make the reimbursement process more efficient include a tabular overview of statements being issued, a detailed view for each statement, and the ability to issue or hold statements.

Additionally, the statement-display function used while entering accounting information makes it easy to look over past statements, allowing quick confirmation regarding details of month-straddling statements.

2. Simple, usable design

Window layouts are adaptable to wide-screen monitors, and font sizes can be adjusted so that individual users can customize the display in the way that best suits their working style.

An online manual linked to each window makes it easy to get the just the assistance needed in every situation.

Hospital names and practices can be entered and searched in Japanese, making the system easy to use even for persons lacking specific training on it.

Pricing and Availability

Name Pricing (excluding tax) Shipment
HOPE/SX-R JPY 1.2 million and up Early October 2010

Price for minimal configuration on one PC includes hardware, software (including middleware) and application package. Installation and user training not included.

Sales Targets

10,000 systems over next 3 years

  • [1] Claims-form data

    Data in a medical insurance claims statement, laid out in a prescribed format. Submitted each month to the medical claims review and payment organization.

  • [2] Fundamentally

    Medical institutions and pharmacies are required to take steps toward online or electronic submissions of claims, but exemptions may be granted.

  • [3] Online

    Requests will be submitted to insurance-paying institutions via either leased lines or Internet VPNs.

  • [4] Use medical insurance claims data more effectively

    Noted in a document dated May 11, 2010, "A New Strategy in Information and Communications Technology, part 2. Recreating bonding in local communities, section (1) Undertaking in the healthcare field."

  • [5] Functions that let it tie

    Interface linking the system to Fujitsu's electronic health record system is scheduled to be available in January 2011.

  • [6] Compliant with electronic health record systems of walk-in clinics

    To be made commercially available in November 2011.

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Date: 08 September, 2010
City: Tokyo
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