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Fujitsu Launches SaaS Solution for Public Library Administration

Supporting regional library services for local residents with new regional library concept

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 06, 2010

Fujitsu announced the launch of its new software as a service (SaaS)-based solution for library administration aimed at municipal public libraries throughout Japan.

The SaaS-based solution, WebiLis, provides the functions needed to administer a library over the Internet, from Fujitsu's datacenters. Libraries can quickly and inexpensively deploy an ICT system environment for managing book lending, processing returns, processing reservation requests, and adding materials to catalogs, as well as functions allowing the public to make reservation requests and search for books. In addition, the use of community functions in the system enables information exchanges and knowledge sharing, both within the same library and with other municipal libraries throughout Japan that utilize the system.

With this service, the operational and maintenance work of a library's ICT system is handled by datacenter specialists enabling the library to raise the quality of services it provides to users, such as promptly providing users with the books they request or analyzing borrowing trends and user needs, while increasing the library's operational efficiency in managing its collection of books.

It is estimated that subscribing to this service will save libraries approximately 30% on their ICT costs over five years.


In municipally operated public libraries, ICT cost reduction involving PCs, servers, and software, as well as staff to run the equipment has become a pressing matter, resulting in a delay in the deployment of ICT systems to streamline library administration. However at the same time, libraries are expected to improve the quality of their services, going beyond merely making reading materials available for the enjoyment of local residents, by becoming an active part of the community. This would include playing an important role in child education as well as gathering business-related information. On top of this, municipalities are looking to build momentum in ways to make information and materials scattered throughout their areas more convenient and accessible to all local residents.

With these factors in mind, Fujitsu launches its SaaS-based solution for library administration which public libraries can deploy quickly and inexpensively.

This service has already been deployed in a number of locations, where it has garnered considerable praise in terms of dramatically cutting costs in initial deployment and future upgrades, 24/7 server management, immediate support in times of unforeseen circumstances such as power outages, saving on electricity, and securing additional library space.

Service Features

1. SaaS model ensures low price, rapid setup of service

As the library accesses the administrative system as a service, rather than needing to own its individual ICT system, it saves on costs associated with purchasing and maintaining an ICT system, and can start using the service in a short period of time.

2. Staff efficiency increases, quality of service to community improves

As specialists at Fujitsu's datacenters take over the responsibilities for maintaining and operating the ICT system, the library can operate more efficiently. Community features that are a part of the service encourage information sharing, knowledge exchange, and reference-service sharing(1) between staff at one library, and between staff at all libraries using the service, all of which help the library offer higher quality services.

3. Highly-reliable datacenter management and data encryption for data security

Catalog data and lending data, is stored within Fujitsu's rigorously managed facilities with extensive security measures, so that librarians can use the service with confidence. All personal information is encrypted and is transmitted over the Internet with SSL(2) 3.0 encryption to ensure end-to-end data security.

Regional Library Center Concept

Fujitsu is working to create a regional library center, its vision for enabling all residents of a local area to have access to every form of information around them, whether it is in the form of paper books, electronic books, or databases of materials, by mobilizing the resources of the region's educational institutions, from primary schools to universities, as well as research institutions, museums, and tourism information offices. Fujitsu sees this as a way to energize local communities and help libraries play an important part in everyday lives. The service being announced today is the first step towards this vision, and while it is presently being offered only to public libraries, it will be expanded to cover other libraries and institutions, as well.

Pricing and Availability

Service NamePricing (excluding taxes)Availability
WebiLisJPY 40,000 and upAvailable now

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the book collection and number of additional clients. JPY 40,000 will cover collections up to 100,000 volumes and one client.

Sales Target

Approximately 300 organizations by end of fiscal 2013 (Fujitsu's fiscal year ends March 31, 2014).

  • [1] Reference-service sharing

    Service where library staff will search for, reply to, and provide answers in response to information requests from patrons.

  • [2] SSL

    Secure Socket Layer. Protocol for encrypted two-way communications that uses public-key encryption.

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Date: 06 September, 2010
City: Tokyo
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