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Ohsho Deploys Fujitsu's Palm Vein Authentication Technology for Access Control System

Safe and secure solution helps improve food safety

Fujitsu Limited,Ohsho Food Service Corporation

Tokyo, August 25, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that Ohsho Food Service Corporation, as part of an initiative to enhance its food safety, has deployed Fujitsu's SG series in access control systems, featuring palm vein authentication technology, at one of the company's main factories in Kyoto, Japan.

Ohsho is deeply committed to quality management and hygiene control in order to provide its customers with safe and high-quality foods. By employing Fujitsu's palm vein authentication equipment, which verifies individuals with a high degree of precision, Ohsho can reliably prevent unauthorized parties from entering its plant, and in the unlikely event of an incident, quickly and accurately trace the cause.


Ohsho has expanded its business throughout Japan by directly operating Gyoza no Ohsho, a popular chain of Chinese food restaurants, as well as selling cooking ingredients to members of its franchise association. In order to provide safe and high-quality foods to its customers, Ohsho conducts rigorous quality inspections and operates a daily delivery network to ensure that every restaurant receives food fresh from the plant every morning. It also maintains meticulous standards for food preparation in its restaurants, with chefs cooking in open kitchens that not only reassure customers visually of the food's safety, but provide a lively spectacle for entertainment.

Ohsho's Kumiyama Plant in Kyoto

Through the daily delivery of ingredients that uphold only the highest standards of quality and freshness, along with the meticulous food preparation and cooking techniques employed in its restaurants, each of Ohsho's locations has its own unique flair. Since the company was founded, it has continued the tradition of producing the fillings and wrappings for its famous gyoza dumplings (potstickers) at its factories. In the present day, however, with concerns over food safety and security higher than ever, the company sought to develop a system that would enable it to further enhance its quality-management by pursuing initiatives to prevent human error and streamline its production environment.

To meet these needs, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Business Systems constructed a system to maintain the safety of Ohsho's production sites by installing its SG series of access control systems, featuring palm vein authentication technology, at twelve areas of the company's Kumiyama Plant located in Kyoto, where its gyoza dumplings are produced. In order to build a more sophisticated and precise security environment, Ohsho chose to deploy a reliable personal authentication system using Fujitsu's palm vein authentication technology. In combination with the existing video monitoring system, access to every area of the plant is now under rigorous control.

Ohsho will continue to strengthen its efforts to pursue initiatives for delivering safe and high-quality foods to its customers. The company plans to deploy this system using Fujitsu's technologies at other factories, starting with its Kyushu Plant in Fukuoka, located in the southern part of Japan.

About the SG Series in Access Control Systems

The SG series employs Fujitsu's palm vein authentication technology to provide a high level of security. Access controlled by keys or cards is fundamentally flawed in that it can be compromised by loss or theft, which would lead to access to facilities by unauthorized personnel. The number of veins in the human palm is immense and the patterns are very complex. This allows for a higher volume of data that can be used to uniquely identify an individual than is found in other biological phenomena, thereby making it possible to prevent counterfeiting and impersonation with a high degree of certainty. As a result, the technology has an established track record, across a wide range of industries, in accurately controlling access to sensitive areas.

Fujitsu offers SafetyValue as a solution for safety and security that helps customers to protect their important assets while increasing their corporate value through initiatives to improve their visibility and convenience. Fujitsu looks forward to continuing to help customers resolve challenges and to contribute to customers' businesses through the delivery of security solutions, including access-control systems.

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Date: 25 August, 2010
City: Tokyo
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