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  7. Fujitsu Upgrades Servers Reducing Carbon Footprint at Taiyo Life Insurance

Fujitsu Upgrades Servers Reducing Carbon Footprint at Taiyo Life Insurance

- PRIMERGY servers and virtualization technology employed at 146 branch offices -

Fujitsu Limited,Taiyo Life Insurance Co.,T&D Information System Inc.

Tokyo, July 06, 2010

Fujitsu Limited, Taiyo Life Insurance Co., and T&D Information System Inc. today announced that they have collaborated to upgrade and enhance the platform servers installed at 146 of Taiyo Life's branch offices supporting their core business across Japan. Through using its newest ICT virtualization technology, Fujitsu has successfully helped Taiyo Life to cut its annual CO2 emissions by roughly 150 tons, and reducing costs by approximately 500 million yen.


Taiyo Life has been promoting environment-friendliness following the T&D Life Group's Environmental Policy(1) which was formulated in 2006. The current upgrading and enhancement of Taiyo Life's platform servers for its mission-critical business system is a part of these efforts.

Taiyo Life has deployed Fujitsu's PRIMERGY RX200 servers and VMware virtualization software. By utilizing the virtualization technology which consolidates the capabilities of numerous servers into one, a virtual sales support server and file server enabling document sharing has been built within the platform servers of each branch office.

As a result, Taiyo Life was able to consolidate the three existing servers located at each of the 146 branch offices across Japan, into one server per location. By utilizing the latest ICT technology, Taiyo Life was able reduce its costs by 500 million yen and its annual CO2 emissions by roughly 150 tons (equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 10,714 cedar trees(2)). Through such efforts, Taiyo Life hopes to make significant contributions to society and the future.

Fujitsu and T&D Information System, an information systems subsidiary of T&D Life Group, worked to specify the requirements for the branch server upgrade. In aiming to enable a smooth migration that controlled costs and did not require any software changes, Fujitsu utilized an infrastructure industrialization approach in which the servers' software installation and configuration was performed at Fujitsu's hardware manufacturing facilities before being delivered to the customer. While leveraging the company's experience in building systems that integrate servers using Fujitsu's virtualization technology, the new server system is also based on a system configuration that takes advantage of pre-existing patterns. Fujitsu FSAS Inc., which has managed the operations of Taiyo Life's branch servers for many years and possesses an extensive track record in virtualized system build-outs and infrastructure industrialization, was a collaborator in the project, making it possible to quickly and smoothly roll out the virtualized systems at 146 of Taiyo Life's branch offices across Japan while controlling costs and preventing any potential problems.

In addition, Fujitsu is working in collaboration with Taiyo Life to support the deployment of systems connected to Taiyo Life's business processes, such as the deployment of the company's T-SMAP(3) Business Intelligence System, which makes sales activities visible, and other systems that are not just limited to ICT platforms. In the future, Fujitsu will continue to contribute to the expansion of Taiyo Life's business as a true business partner by continuing to propose comprehensive system ideas, including those to improve the efficiency of business processes and reduce the company's impact on the environment.

  • [1] T&D Life Group's environmental policy

    The T&D Life Group will carry out their business activities with full awareness of the importance of environmental concerns based on: (1) environmental conservation efforts through business activities; (2) reduction in environmental impact; (3) compliance with environmental laws; (4) promotion of environmental awareness raising activities; and (5) continuous improvement in environmental initiatives.

  • [2] Equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 10,714 cedar trees

    Calculated based on one 50 year-old cedar tree with a height of 20-30m absorbing an average of approximately 14kg of CO2 emissions per year.

  • [3] T-SMAP

    A mobile terminal system deployed by Taiyo Life to support the activities of its sales staff and other employees.

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Date: 06 July, 2010
City: Tokyo
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