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Fujitsu Launches Support System for Long-Term Care Providers

- HOPE/WINCARE-ES for medium-sized hospitals; seamlessly connects with electronic medical records -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 05, 2010

Fujitsu today announced the launch of its newly-developed HOPE/WINCARE-ES support system for long-term care providers which will be commercially available in Japan beginning July 23, 2010.

The system ensures fast and accurate processing of long-term care insurance bills to help long-term care providers operate more efficiently. It builds on Fujitsu's extensive experience deploying systems for long-term care providers to handle long-term care insurance, and helps streamline the records and information that otherwise tend to be fragmented and scattered throughout the office. It works in concert with HOPE/EGMAIN-NX, Fujitsu's electronic medical record system for medium-sized hospitals, as well as other systems, to create seamless links between the hospital and long-term care provider.

Fujitsu will continue to help long-term care providers operate more efficiently, as well as support precise improvements in the provision of care to enable beneficiaries of long-term care insurance to live more independently with greater comfort and peace of mind. In the future, Fujitsu also aims to create a personal health record platform for managing a person's ongoing health and medical information over a network.


Japan's introduction of the long-term care system in 2000 greatly expanded care services. To maintain high levels of service, caregivers had a heightened need to connect readily with medical institutions, communicate with users, manage the staff of caregivers, and generally operate more efficiently.

Fujitsu developed HOPE/WINCARE-ES, its long-term care provider support system, to address these issues. HOPE/WINCARE-ES is equipped with features designed from the long-term care provider's point of view and functions that can tie the long-term care insurance systems of facilities operated by medical institutions together with electronic medical records.

Fujitsu will be exhibiting the new product at the International Modern Hospital Show 2010, running July 14–16, 2010, at Tokyo Big Sight, and at the 37th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition, running September 29–October 1, 2010, at Tokyo Big Sight.

System Features

1. Integrated viewing option displays summary table of care records for each care recipient

Larger View (125 KB)

Whereas care records are typically organized by service, this system provides an integrated viewing option that brings together all existing information relating to a single care recipient, including opinions of caregivers and care records. The integrated viewing option brings together records for all services and organizes them in chronological order for a longitudinal view that provides a more comprehensive understanding of the recipient's condition. This makes it possible to create a more detailed care plan and increase the quality of care.

The integrated viewing option can be accessed from any of the operational task screens within HOPE/WINCARE-ES to give an immediate view of a care recipient's information whenever needed. Likewise, clicking on a displayed entry brings up the corresponding operational task screen, so that information can be updated or revised while consulting care information.

2. Seamless links between hospitals and long-term care providers

The coordination of patient-care information between a hospital and the long-term care facility it operates is often difficult, with paper-based information systems only adding to its complexity. To provide doctors with a better grasp of a patient's care information, HOPE/WINCARE-ES makes it possible for doctors to access the integrated view option with a single click from within Fujitsu's electronic-medical record system, HOPE/EGMAIN-NX. Doctors can view trends in the patient's condition over time, care records, staff opinions, and other data organized chronologically, directly from the examination room. This unified and seamless link between medical and long-term care will help provide a higher level of service to the recipient.

3. New features inspired directly by caregivers

Building on Fujitsu's extensive experience deploying systems to numerous long-term care providers since the introduction of the long-term care insurance system, HOPE/WINCARE-ES is made to be efficient and easy to use. HOPE/WINCARE-ES is designed so that with a single click, it is possible to switch between tasks. In response to the many requests for layout changes, including those of care logs, the main forms can be easily redesigned to suit the needs of individual customers with a form customization feature. All of these design decisions were directly inspired by actual workplace experiences of caregivers.

Pricing and Availability

Name Pricing in Japan (excluding tax) Availability
HOPE/WINCARE-ES JPY 1.8 million and up July 23

Note: Pricing covers a minimal configuration consisting of hardware, software (also middleware) and version upgrades for a long-term care facility insurance system for the elderly or ambulatory rehabilitation system (consisting of one server, three clients). Does not cover setup or instruction.

Sales Target

6,000 systems over three years

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Date: 05 July, 2010
City: Tokyo
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