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  7. Fujitsu Introduces docomo STYLE series™ F-07B

Fujitsu Introduces docomo STYLE series™ F-07B

- Slimmer rotating screen phone with a one-touch open button -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 18, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that its new docomo STYLE series F-07B mobile phone will be available from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. in Japan beginning May 21, 2010. Slimmer than previous models, the F-07B is a 14.8mm-thin, horizontally rotating mobile phone with a one-touch open button.

In November 2006, Fujitsu introduced the F903i, featuring a sliding screen that can be rotated horizontally, as a mobile phone ideal for viewing wide-screen content without taking away from the user-friendliness that Fujitsu mobile phone users are accustomed to. Up until now, Fujitsu's rotating mobile phones have received overwhelming support from users, and based on research by Fujitsu, approximately 70% of all users are interested in a model with a horizontally rotating screen when purchasing their next phone.

In an effort to meet users' expectations, Fujitsu has designed the F-07B as a cutting-edge 14.8mm-thin, horizontally rotating mobile phone—the world's thinnest horizontally rotating phone to date(1)—featuring a one-touch open button and a round case design that fits comfortably in the user's hand.

In addition, the phone is loaded with a plethora of features, such as a highly sensitive 12.2 megapixel camera—equivalent to ISO 25600—as well as a "location radar" and other advanced human-sensing functions. An expanded array of e-mail communications features including e-mail scheduling and automatic reply have also become available.

The new model is not only perfect as an upgraded version of the rotating mobile phone, but it also meets the needs of users who value functionality and design.

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Product Features

1. Rotating screen phone with one-touch open button

The rotating phone, which is easy to use when positioned both vertically and horizontally, can be opened with the simple touch of a button.

Because the rotating screen is easy to use regardless of its orientation, e-mail and full-featured browser key commands can be simply performed with the easy-to-read horizontal screen. In addition, by rotating the screen in either direction users can instantly launch their favorite functions, allowing them to pre-assign and easily load frequently used applications, such as the phone's camera or TV receiver. Furthermore, the screen can be split into two sections, enabling users to watch TV while accessing the Internet on the full-featured browser. The phone's usability is further enhanced by the addition of a one-touch open button.

2. 14.8mm fashionable, slim design in various colors

The mobile phone's 14.8mm rotating screen design is slimmer than previous models.

The body of the mobile phone is decorated with flowing lines of illuminations, lighting up the phone beautifully with an abundance of colors and flashing patterns. The rotating screen of each of the mobile phone's color variations is also adorned with eye-catching illuminations, revealing different aspects of the phone's cool urban design. In addition, the body's slim form makes for a round case design that fits comfortably in the user's hand. The F-07B mobile phone is available in three different color variations: Night Black, Precious Rose, and Shiny White.

3. High-performance 12.2 megapixel effective resolution camera

  • Milbeaut Mobile image-processing engine(2)
    The 12.2 megapixel camera utilizes the high-speed, high-accuracy Milbeaut® Mobile image-processing engine, which faithfully captures subtle details and tone variations in subjects.

4. Convenient e-mail communications features

  • E-mail scheduling
    After composing messages in advance and setting a date and time for them to be sent, the mobile phone can automatically transmit e-mails to recipients. By creating and scheduling e-mails for birthdays and special anniversaries of friends and family, users do not have to worry about forgetting to send them. Users can schedule up to 10 e-mails at a time.
  • Automatic reply
    By configuring the mobile phone's e-mail settings in advance, an automatic reply can be sent when an incoming call or e-mail is received at an inconvenient time. Users can choose between three kinds of messages for use in different situations, including messages for when they are in the midst of travelling or sleeping. Message content can be edited.
  • Easy blog and SNS posting
    Users can easily post their photos stored in the mobile phone to their blogs or SNS sites over the Internet.

5. Life support functions using advanced sensors

  • "ETGA Swing Lesson" golf-swing analyzer application
    Using 3D motion-sensing technology (patent pending), the application monitors golf-swing movements when the mobile phone is clipped to the user's waist(3) and automatically measures it. Using this data, the phone provides a diagnosis of the swing and advice for improvement based on the principles developed by professional golfer, Mr. Tadashi Ezure.
  • "Location Radar"
    By selecting the map search key, an application is launched which displays the direction and distance to the closest inputted destination, such as a convenience store, fast food restaurant, or bank. For the first time, the mobile phone also includes a new address search function, making it even more convenient for users to navigate.

6. Full-featured business tools

  • "Document Viewer"
    The mobile phone is also equipped with a "Document Viewer" that displays various business-critical document formats, such as Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDF files. The product is compatible with Office 2007 to provide users access to a wider range of data files.

Other Key Services

  • i-Bodymo™
  • i-Concierge®
  • Auto-GPS
  • i-Widget®
  • FOMA® High-Speed (7.2 Mbps)
  • WORLD WING® international roaming service (GSM+3G)
  • 2in1®
  • DCMX®

Product Specifications

Size (height, width, thickness): 110mm × 50mm × 14.8mm (18.8mm at thickest point)
Weight: 128g (with battery pack)
Continuous Standby Time: 550 hours in FOMA 3G static (automatic)
330 hours in FOMA 3G moving (automatic)
360 hours in FOMA 3G moving (fixed 3G)
280 hours in GSM static (automatic)
Continuous Talk Time: 200 minutes in FOMA 3G voice mode
110 minutes in FOMA 3G videophone mode
260 minutes in GSM voice mode
Main Display: 3.3" color LCD wide VGA (480 x 854 dots)
Camera: Back side: 12.2 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
Front side: 0.33 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
Colors: Night Black, Precious Rose, and Shiny White

  • [1] World's thinnest horizontally rotating phone to date

    Based on research by Fujitsu as of May 2010.

  • [2] Milbeaut Mobile image-processing engine

    An image-processing engine for mobile phone use, which succeeded the technology of the image-processing engine "Milbeaut®" used for Digital Cameras.

  • [3] Clipped to the user's waist

    Device must be attached in the correct position when conducting measurements.

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Date: 18 May, 2010
City: Tokyo
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