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Fujitsu Launches New Software Products for Private Cloud Services

- Offerings tested at Fujitsu's Numazu Software Development Cloud Center -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 14, 2010

Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of four new and one upgraded software products for building private cloud environments, in response to the needs of businesses that seek to transform their ICT systems through increased speeds and reduced costs. Developed around the advanced technologies that Fujitsu employs in its own cloud services, the new products will be offered as a package for building private clouds that incorporate products from Fujitsu's global partners.

The new line of software products have been deployed at Fujitsu's Numazu Software Development Cloud Center, where they were tested internally before being offered to the public. The deployment of cloud services at the Numazu center has demonstrated an annual cost reduction of JPY 700 million, a significantly faster process for building development environments—which was cut from 6 hours to 10 minutes—and an estimated reduction in CO2 emissions by 1,340 metric tons, enabling the company to lower its environmental footprint. In the future, the center will expand its efforts to include both transition and effectiveness testing for customers' private cloud environments.

Fujitsu is also strengthening its network of 700 ICT experts to test and develop cloud systems taking into consideration customer needs. In addition to offering new support services for building private clouds, these experts will work alongside Fujitsu's sales staff and system engineers in Japan to create proposals for system integration as well as cloud environments tailored to the customer.

Building on the experience obtained through applying its products and services internally before making it available to the public, Fujitsu aims to help customers transform their ICT systems with its comprehensive package of hardware and software products, cloud services, and system-integration solutions.

The new software products will be on exhibit at Fujitsu Forum 2010, which will be held May 13-14 at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan.


In today's volatile business environment, companies are expressing an increasing interest in using cloud computing to transform their ICT systems, reduce costs, and create a flexible business process adjustable to changing management policies. At the same time, because of the need for companies to maintain internal custody of proprietary data in mission-critical systems, customers are increasingly seeking to achieve an overall optimization of their ICT resources, including their segregated use of private and public cloud services.

Fujitsu plans to offer software products for private clouds, while enhancing its existing support services and network for customers.

The new line of software products will virtualize customers' ICT resources and automate the deployment and operation of standardized development and execution environments. They will create an environment where users are able to visualize service catalog and operational status. By linking data to public clouds, the software products will also support the optimization of cloud applications. Furthermore, operating costs will be reduced in addition to building a private cloud environment that promises high reliability, high quality, and good business continuity.

Fujitsu plans to leverage its experience in approximately 25,000 system-integration projects to propose ways in which customers can fully optimize their systems. Fujitsu will help transform customers' existing ICT systems through a comprehensive package of hardware and software products, services, and hybrid cloud integration.

New Software Products for Private Clouds

1. Service-catalog management using business-process visualization technology - Systemwalker Service Catalog Manager V14g (New)
In the past, ICT resources used for development environments and business systems were distributed to individual departments according to user's request. With this software, the ICT resources are made visible in the form of a service catalog, which can be efficiently provided by an operations department to the user's department. Furthermore, as the operations department can easily track usage statistics, it can appropriately allocate ICT system costs and effectively plan for the future.

2. Automated provisioning using automation technology - Systemwalker Software Configuration Manager V14g (New)
This software automatically deploys the combination of operating system, middleware, and applications for each business system to meet user requirements. In addition, unified management of software configuration and maintenance reduces the burden on administrators.

3. Automated operations using automation technology - Systemwalker Runbook Automation V14g (New)
This software makes it possible to automate many operations that previously needed to be manually performed in accordance with an operations manual. Fujitsu offers templates and components for each step of operations based on its considerable expertise in system operations. This both reduces the amount of work involved in maintaining a private cloud and increases the quality of the work performed.

4. Dynamic resource management using virtualization technology - ServerView Resource Orchestrator (New)
Through the use of virtualization technology and unified management of ICT resources (servers, storage, and networks), this software enables administrators to quickly and automatically deploy virtual systems using simple operations, allowing for effective utilization of ICT resources.

5. Cloud data linkage using SOA - Interstage Information Integrator (Upgrade)
The newly enhanced Interstage Information Integrator includes functions to tie data sources together and merge data, and SOA-based technologies to link data with public cloud services, beginning with In the past, when linking data to cloud services, system engineers had to configure processes—such as data conversions, transfers, and retransmissions in case of errors—specific to customer environments. This software makes data linkage possible without additional programming.

Deployment at the Numazu Software Development Cloud Center

The five new and updated products have been deployed at Fujitsu's software development site, the Numazu Software Development Cloud Center. The center, where Fujitsu develops its in-house software, began work on virtualization in fiscal 2008. By fiscal 2010, it will consolidate approximately 1,800 development servers scattered across six sites in Japan into a private cloud of roughly 900 servers. This will result in cost savings of approximately JPY 700 million for fiscal 2010, while reducing the time required to build development environments from 6 hours to 10 minutes. It is also estimated to have cut CO2 emissions by roughly 1,340 metric tons, helping Fujitsu to shrink its environmental footprint.

The Numazu center plans to expand as a center for both transition and effectiveness testing for customers' private cloud environments.

Support Services and Network

1. Private cloud support services
Private cloud support services are now available to help businesses build private clouds to transform their ICT systems.

< Key Elements >
- Visualization services: Services that make the processes and infrastructure in the customer's system visible, with proposed steps towards bringing it to the desired state.
- Application configuration services: Services that transfer and build cloud-based applications.
- Private cloud infrastructure deployment support services: Services that lay out desired designs for cloud infrastructure, as well as to plan and build a standardized infrastructure.
- Private cloud management services: Contract-management services for private clouds.

2. Enhanced network for transforming customer systems
Fujitsu has a network of 700 ICT experts specialized in cloud technologies who offer cloud services proposals with customer needs in mind. These experts will work alongside Fujitsu's 25,000 sales staff and system engineers in Japan, to help transform customers' ICT systems.

Comments from Product Partners

"Cloud Computing can increase IT's responsiveness to the business while driving down the cost of infrastructure, platforms and applications," said Larry Vaughan, worldwide vice president of emerging markets at BMC Software. "By collaborating with Fujitsu to automate the provisioning and management of cloud services, we are helping customers recognize the true potential of cloud computing."

"As a long-time Fujitsu partner, CA looks forward to supporting Fujitsu's contribution to the growing ecosystem of cloud solutions. We plan to continue to work closely with Fujitsu to help our mutual customers more cost-efficiently and flexibly deliver reliable, high-value IT services to their internal and external constituencies," said Lokesh Jindal, senior vice president, Strategy and Business Development, CA's Cloud Solutions & Products Business Line.

"Informatica welcomes Fujitsu's announcement of Private Cloud related products and solutions. Based on our long-term partnership with Fujitsu, Informatica delivers leading data integration software products to our joint customers. As an early pioneer in Cloud data integration, the Informatica platform will continue to offer unique, compelling solutions to our customers. Working closely with Fujitsu, Informatica will enable our joint customers to gain even more value from the new cloud computing platform," said Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Informatica Corporation.

"Microsoft is excited to be working with Fujitsu to help our customers make the transition to cloud computing," said Bob Kelly, corporate vice president, infrastructure server marketing at Microsoft. "Our focus is delivering the key infrastructure and application technologies that help our customers take advantage of the cloud and look to Fujitsu as a key partner in this effort."

"The Oracle and Fujitsu combination is natural fit for cloud computing" says Judson Althoff, senior vice president of Worldwide Alliances & Channels at Oracle. "Decades of joint engineering between Fujitsu and Oracle show clear results. The latest iteration with Oracle's complete technology stack and Fujitsu's extensive knowledge and experience in integrating cloud-based systems provide key elements for delivering the benefits of private clouds, such as lowering the cost of IT, increasing security and reliability, and accelerating customers innovation on the long run."

"Red Hat and Fujitsu have worked closely together for many years to provide mission-critical solutions to our joint customers. We are pleased to extend this partnership today to further enable our customers to build private clouds with leading technology," said Scott Crenshaw, vice president and general manager, Cloud Business Unit at Red Hat. "Fujitsu's new private cloud offering leverages the power of both the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisor and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These Red Hat products, together with Fujitsu solutions, will help enable our customers to unlock the value of the cloud."

"Private clouds enable organizations to increase IT efficiency and reduce costs through dynamic sharing of compute resources. These shared, virtualized environments require advanced approaches to securing and managing information. Symantec provides solutions for security, data protection, availability, and storage management that are optimized for cloud computing, enabling customers to have confidence in the cloud. As part of our global strategic alliance with Fujitsu, we look forward to partnering with them to extend Symantec's solutions to Fujitsu's cloud offerings," said John Magee, Vice President, Product Marketing, Symantec.

"VMware and Fujitsu have a longstanding and productive relationship that has resulted in innovative solutions to help customers cut costs, improve business agility and conserve natural resources. Building on these benefits, Fujitsu's new solutions and services will help customers build private clouds that deliver IT as a service," said Raghu Raghuram, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Virtualization and Cloud Platforms, VMware Inc.

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