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Fujitsu Rebuilds Iwatsu Electric's ICT Infrastructure

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 05, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that it has rebuilt the ICT infrastructure which serves as the core platform supporting the business operations of Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd. The restructured system commenced operations today.

Utilizing Fujitsu's PRIMERGY BX620 blade servers and virtualization technology, the new system allowed Iwatsu Electric to consolidate its servers, the operation and management of which had become increasingly complex, thus reducing the total number of 70 to approximately half (roughly 30 servers). This in turn, dramatically improved the efficiency and quality of operations.

Iwatsu Electric is proactively looking at ways to further improve how to utilize their system assets effectively, and by focusing resources on its core business, seeks to execute its mission more efficiently and with higher quality.

Iwatsu Electric has three main lines of business: (1) business communications systems, (2) test and measurement equipment, and (3) reprographic systems. The company provides unique and high-quality products and services to meet the diverse needs of its customers, leveraging its innovative technologies as a pioneer in each market to expand business. As the company's individual business units operated separate servers according to department and function, the operational burden of managing these servers had increased overall and made it difficult to efficiently use available ICT resources.

To address these problems, Iwatsu Electric collaborated with Fujitsu to rebuild and optimize the ICT infrastructure consisting of approximately 30 PRIMERGY BX620 blade servers and VMware virtualization software, to replace approximately half of the 70 servers from various vendors with different specifications and software.

As a result of deploying the new system, managers who previously were dedicated to overseeing the complexity of the former system were freed from this duty. In addition, standardizing server operations has resulted in streamlined operations and management, eliminating the need for such dedicated staff and enabling dramatic increases in operational efficiency and quality. Furthermore, as system loads can be distributed to make allowances in accordance with each server's operating status, system assets can be used more effectively. The new system is designed to make business administration at Iwatsu Electric more efficient and sophisticated, and to effectively support the company's core mission.

In addition, in collaboration with Mitsuiwa Corporation, Fujitsu created a clear map of Iwatsu Electric's overall existing ICT assets and proposed the most efficient configuration for the system in compliance with loads and system recovery levels based on Fujitsu's tested solutions model. The companies were also able to complete migration to the new system on a step-by-step basis according to priority order.

At Iwatsu Electric, Fujitsu plans to work with the company to promote a standardized infrastructure that covers operating systems and applications. Furthermore, Fujitsu will continue to support the overall optimization of Iwatsu Electric's infrastructure taking into consideration the company's ICT system lifecycle, by gradually proposing appropriate measures aimed towards the future.

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Date: 05 April, 2010
City: Tokyo
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