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Nippon Life to Deploy 50,000 PCs with Data Security Solution

- Remote data deletion prevents information leaks -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, March 25, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that Nippon Life Insurance Company recently decided to purchase approximately 50,000 Fujitsu notebook PCs equipped with Fujitsu's CLEARSURE data security solution which enables remote data deletion in the event of the loss or theft of the PC. These computers will be used as mobile terminals by the sales representatives of Nippon Life.

Using Fujitsu's notebook PCs, Nippon Life will be able to streamline the various procedures involved in selling insurance policies, as well as enhance the level of security in areas such as the protection of personal information, to deliver a higher level of customer service. The company plans to gradually deploy these computers starting January 2012.

By installing the notebook PCs with CLEARSURE, users can remotely erase (*1) all hard disk data through a custom built-in communications module that communicates over a PHS network. As data can be remotely deleted if a computer is lost or stolen, Nippon Life will be able to prevent information leaks with a high degree of certainty.

This will mark the first time within the insurance industry that CLEARSURE has been employed in mobile terminals for sales representatives.


Nippon Life has undertaken this project as part of a new integrated plan to improve its services and make the processes of its insurance business—ranging from sales of and enrollment in insurance policies to the collection of premiums and payment of claims—clearer and more convenient for its customers.

As well, from an environmental standpoint, the elimination of processes such as submitting insurance documents and obtaining personal seals has led to a reduction in the use of paper for negotiating new contracts, revising contractual clauses, and in the payment of benefits.

The deployment of the notebook PCs will allow Nippon Life's sales representatives to bring the terminals with them when visiting customers, streamlining the processes involved in enrolling new customers and completing other paperwork on the spot. At the same time, Fujitsu's CLEARSURE data security solution ensures that customer data including personal information will be strongly protected.

Overview of CLEARSURE data security solution

CLEARSURE data security solution prevents information leaks with a high degree of certainty if a computer becomes lost or stolen, thus providing companies with the assurance they need to send staff into the field equipped with notebook PCs. As a result, companies can improve the efficiency and productivity of their business processes. Fujitsu is also gradually rolling out this solution in the notebook PCs used by its own personnel.


  1. Data can be remotely deleted from lost or stolen computers using the PHS wireless network.
  2. Data deletion works even when the main power is off, a world-first, protecting against information leaks with a high degree of certainty.
  3. After the data deletion is complete, the system automatically generates a report detailing what was deleted, the location of the machine, and last date of use.

Usage Scenario

1. Signing up new customers
The new policyholder will confirm the details of their plan and enter the appropriate data into the computer. By conducting an information check on-site, any inputting omissions are thus prevented.

2. Other transactions
Up until now, customers have been required to provide paper-based documentation including seal-registration certificates or family registries, as well as their signatures. This has been eliminated with the new mobile-terminal approach which streamlines these procedures by using customer IDs and passwords for authentication purposes.
Whereas previously changes to contact information were made through the homepage of Nippon Life, sales representatives can now process this type of customer transaction through the mobile terminals anytime and anywhere.

By deploying these new mobile terminals, Nippon Life can advance their new integrated management plan forward and deliver improved customer service overall.

  • [1] Data stored on the hard drive can be deleted remotely

    The data deletion function in CLEARSURE works by deleting the key needed to unlock an encrypted hard drive, rendering all of the data stored on that drive impossible to decrypt.Remote data deletion is possible as long as the notebook battery has not been depleted and the computer can communicate by a PHS wireless signal (within Japan). The deletion command can be received regardless of whether the notebook PC is on or off.

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Date: 25 March, 2010
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