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Fujitsu Releases New Application Framework

INTARFRM to provide lifecycle support for software in the cloud computing era

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, March 11, 2010

Fujitsu today announced that it has developed a new application framework(1) product to support standardization and reduce the amount of development work required in deploying and maintaining systems in Japan. The product, called INTARFRM(2), will be available April 1 in Japan. Incorporating software and documentation with functions supporting design, development, runtime, and maintenance, INTARFRM is an essential application framework product for building systems with superior reliability and quality.

The Fujitsu Group in Japan has developed highly reliable systems through its extensive track record in application frameworks utilized by a cumulative total of over 52,000 licensed users in Japan. Using these application frameworks as a base, the Fujitsu Group in Japan has overhauled and enhanced their functionality to support the deployment and maintenance of secure and continually expanding systems for the cloud computing era.

Through INTARFRM, system developers will be able to quickly and flexibly respond to rapid changes in the business environment to deploy and maintain systems with greater speed and efficiency. By utilizing an integrated approach to the software lifecycle covering requirements definition, system design, development, operation, and maintenance, the product will help customers to continually evolve their software and computing resources, enabling them to strengthen their business.

In order to increase their competitiveness, corporate customers are placing greater importance on employing IT systems. This in turn has increased the need to quickly and efficiently build and maintain these systems, thus leading to the use of new technologies such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other cloud computing technologies. Furthermore, there is a need to continually evolve software and other IT assets, as well as to increase the impact of IT investments. For these reasons, the use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and modernization(3) technologies is accelerating.

INTARFRM is an application framework product designed for these new technologies.

Features of INTARFRM

INTARFRM supports IT systems that grow with the customers' business by incorporating the following five features:

1. Long-term usability: An integrated, coherent approach that can be used throughout the software lifecycle

  • By using a repository(4), INTARFRM supports traceability of requirements and design.
  • Through the use of Fujitsu's new requirements definition methodology(5), INTARFRM provides confirmation that all requirements needed to ensure the fulfillment of business objectives are incorporated in the system design.
  • By automatically generating the source codes and test specs from the design data, INTARFRM ensures greater software quality control and testing efficiency.
  • By making it easy to identify the sections of software that are affected by changes to design or requirements, or by maintenance or modifications, INTARFRM supports improved quality and greater efficiency in surveying the impact of these changes.

2. Anywhere, anytime development: INTARFRM is designed for an Internet environment

  • By providing the design technology tools for ensuring a smooth development process, INTARFRM makes possible both large-scale and dispersed development in the Internet environment. A dramatic improvement in design process quality and a major reduction in development time are made possible through the utilization of INTARFRM's development environment, which transcends the limitations of time and space.

3. Operational under a variety of conditions: INTARFRM leverages the newest technologies

  • INTARFRM is compatible with both an on-premise(6) and cloud environment; any application that is developed can be easily turned into SaaS due to components such as its multi-tenant(7) mechanism.
  • By applying SOA, users can access other systems, as well as SaaS applications that operate in cloud environments provided by Fujitsu or other vendors.

4. Large selection: INTARFRM is compatible with a wide range of languages and architectures

  • INTARFRM is compatible with a wide range of development languages, including Java, Visual C#, Visual Basic, and COBOL. Utilizing the legacy system assets of COBOL, modernization that introduces the newest of display and input technologies is made possible.
  • Based on the requirements of the customer, users can choose from such architectures as Web, RIA (Ajax, Java Applet) and SmartClient(8).
  • INTARFRM is as applicable to a development style for corporate backbone systems that emphasize system lifecycles as it is to a development style for the kind of systems that support new business models emphasizing speed and flexibility.

5. Useable by all: Bringing together the comprehensive knowledge of the Fujitsu Group

  • INTARFRM is a global product that integrates and builds upon Fujitsu's accumulated expertise in application frameworks, including such products as QuiQpro(9), eProad(10), Client J Framework(11), and EZDeveloper(12), of which there is a cumulative total of over 52,000 licensed users. A crystallization of Fujitsu's accumulated knowhow, INTARFRM is a suite of tools boasting superior operability that customers' IT departments, IT vendors and business partners can use easily and effectively.

INTARFRM will be offered in stages starting from April 2010 to March 2012.

For this initial stage, Fujitsu will be offering the design, development, and runtime facilities compatible with the Java, Visual C#, and Visual Basic development languages. In the future, Fujitsu will be offering in stages the design, development, and runtime features using additional languages, use of RIA (Ajax, Java Applet), and functions extending from requirements definitions to design and maintenance support.


INTARFRM is a cluster of tools incorporating software and documentation with functions to support design, development, runtime, and maintenance.

Together with the introduction of INTARFRM, Fujitsu will also be providing support and training services to ensure the most effective utilization of INTARFRM, starting April 1.


License prices for the main software products.

Lifecycle Oriented Products

Product Name Type Environment Development Languages Pricing in Japan
(excluding taxes)
INTARFRM Design Facility Base - - 100,000 JPY
INTARFRM Development Facility Web Application JavaEE Java Servlet 100,000 JPY
.NET Framework Visual C# 100,000 JPY
INTARFRM Runtime Web Application JavaEE Java Servlet 300,000JPY
JavaEE Java Servlet 300,000JPY

Flexibility Oriented Products

Product Name Type Environment Development Language Pricing in Japan
(excluding taxes)
INTARFRM Development Facility Web Application
Smart Client
.NET Framework Visual Basic
Visual C#
120,000 JPY
INTARFRM Runtime Web Application
Smart Client
.NET Framework Visual Basic
Visual C#


Starting April 1, 2010

Sales Target

5,000 licenses by the end of March 2011.

  • [1] Application framework

    Tools used in applications development to reduce the amount of development work and provide standardization. Defined narrowly, an application framework is a collection of the classes and libraries used in application development. Defined broadly, an application framework often also includes application control structures, application methodology and documentation, work breakdown structure, and development tools.

  • [2] INTARFRM

    INTARFRM is a trademark of Fujitsu.

  • [3] Modernization

    Process of utilizing legacy assets such as mainframe computers and making them compatible with the newest IT devices.

  • [4] Repository

    Database that organizes and stores information of systems and applications.

  • [5] New requirements definition methodology

    New method for solving requirements' definition issues developed by Fujitsu for the Japan market in October 2009.

  • [6] On-premise

    IT system utilization in which equipment is installed on-site at the company for loading and operation of software.

  • [7] Multi-tenant

    Instead of developing custom server environments for each customer, a common environment is shared by multiple customer ICT systems using virtualization technologies.

  • [8] SmartClient

    Client system technology in which applications are operated on client PCs with the same ease of operation as Web systems in the same way as a client server system.

  • [9] QuiQpro

    System development support tool developed by Fujitsu System Solutions Limited. Since QuiQpro-VB was released in April 1996, it has been compatible with many languages including ColdFusion, Java, and .NET Framework (Visual C#)(13). The client system technology is compatible with both Web and SmartClient.

  • [10] eProad

    System development support tool developed by Fujitsu Kansai Systems Limited. It is a development solution utilizing .NET Framework(13) that provides powerful support for business applications for medium-sized enterprises in the IT sector in which the maximum in flexibility is sought for business transformation.

  • [11] Client J Framework

    Application framework developed by Fujitsu for building client applications using Java RIA technology (Ajax, Java Applet). It offers a wide array of functions for screen display, including screen transitioning and focus control.

  • [12] EZDeveloper

    Fujitsu's total development solution (in-house tool) for medium- to large-scale projects for the development of high quality applications in Fujitsu's SI business. Java (EJB) and COBOL compatible.

  • [13] .NET Framework

    Microsoft platform for the building, deployment and runtime of XML Web service and applications.

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