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Fujitsu Delivers Cloud Services Enhancing Business ICT Operations

- Trial launch of on-demand virtual system services built on trusted-service platform -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 22, 2010

Fujitsu today announced the launch of On-Demand Virtual System Services, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution for business ICT environments offering server, storage, and network capabilities on an as-needed, when-needed basis, to customers on a trial basis starting May 10, 2010 in Japan. Since July 2009, the service has undergone successive testing through 39 different internal projects, and will be available commercially as of October 2010.

The new cloud service will deliver an ICT infrastructure encompassing data processing and storage for business customers through a network handling the virtualization, standardization, and automation of server and storage capabilities retained in Fujitsu's datacenters. On top of these server functions, software solutions for network and security will be made available so that customers can access a highly-reliable cloud environment.

By utilizing the service, customers can avoid having to build their own dedicated ICT systems during makeshift times when access to an infrastructure is needed for development and verification of business systems or when there are fluctuations in the capacity required for such systems. Customers can quickly access a secure cloud environment for the required timeframe while at the same time, significantly reducing ICT system costs.

Moreover, in areas where the cost and effort of deploying, operating, and maintaining these ICT systems had become an obstacle to their broader use, customers will now be able to use the amount of resources they need in terms of scalability.


In 1995, Fujitsu launched its outsourcing service in Japan. In 2007, the company began offering comprehensive services that included software-as-a-service (SaaS) and network services. Since 2009, Fujitsu has been leveraging the expertise it has gained through its outsourcing and networking businesses to offer cloud services.

Today's announcement marks the next logical step, using Fujitsu's datacenters to deliver access to a highly flexible and robust virtual ICT infrastructure even to areas in which the use of ICT systems has not gained widespread traction, such as agriculture and remote healthcare, while helping companies deploy these systems efficiently and at low cost.

The new service is designed to serve large organizations that place a premium on reliability as well as small- and medium-sized companies that are more price-sensitive, bringing them all a flexible, reliable, and low-cost ICT platform to support their businesses.

On-Demand Virtual System Services: Implementation Background

In July 2009, Fujitsu began verifying its cloud services infrastructure, comprised of SaaS and software packages built on top of the highly reliable cloud computing Trusted-Service Platform, and testing its effectiveness and reliability through 39 related projects. At the same time, the company began testing service applications to sectors such as agriculture and healthcare. Testing is expected to continue with other business sectors as well.

Features of the On-Demand Virtual System Services

1. Virtual servers, disks, and networks available on volume-based charges
Virtual servers will be available at economy, standard, advanced, and high-performance tiers according to its capabilities, including processing speed, with usage metered in one-hour increments. At the economy tier, one hour will cost JPY 31.

Disk and network capacity will be charged based on the volume of capacity and data transmissions. Required operating systems and middleware can be billed on a monthly basis.

Virtual server units can be shut down temporarily, so that they do not incur any charges when not in use.

2. ICT systems set up over the Internet

Fujitsu's cloud portal

Customers can easily set up servers through the Internet, selecting the operating system, number of servers to use, and their specifications. Within a few minutes of clicking the confirmation button, the required server environment will come online. The web interface can be used to add or remove virtual servers and disks, to make backups or restore, or to configure firewall settings.

A tested server configuration template will be made available making the process of server configuration that much more efficient for the customer during setup.

Furthermore, a dashboard view will enable constant monitoring of CPU load statistics, disk I/O volume, as well as volume transferred over the network.

3. System configuration of up to three layers through the Internet
Customers can configure a system comprising of up to three layers: web server, application server, and database server. A dedicated firewall is a standard feature, making it easy for customers to set up just the system they need with the security they expect.

4. Highly reliable, highly secure service
Virtual servers can be connected over Fujitsu's own FENICS network or other virtual private networks (VPN).

Service security and reliability is assured through service-level guarantees and quadruple data redundancy, as well as automatic failover(1).

Pricing and Availability

Service Name Pricing (excluding tax) Availability in Japan
On-Demand Virtual System Services Starting from JPY 31/hr and up per virtual server October 2010

Sales Targets

Within one year of service introduction: 1,000 corporate customers and by end of 2012, JPY 300 billion in annual revenue from all cloud services.

  • [1] Failover:

    Should a server fail, the function automatically allocates operations to a substitute server and reboots the system, enabling smooth transition of data and processing.

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