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Fujitsu Releases Solutions for Data Warehousing on Microsoft® SQL Server®

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, February 08, 2010

Fujitsu today announced the release of two new products in Japan that complement Microsoft's relational database, the Microsoft® SQL Server®. The first, the Fujitsu SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture, is a platform-configuration model that optimizes the use of terabyte-class data warehouses. The second, SQL Server Trusted Platform License with SupportDesk, bundles SQL Server processor licenses, software assurance, and support services.

The Fujitsu SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture packages with SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse(1) and hardware in a configuration that has been performance-tested for Microsoft's data warehousing. The platform consists of Fujitsu's PRIMERGY x86 servers and ETERNUS storage systems, which have been tested to work together and optimized for data warehousing systems in the 6-12 terabyte-capacity class.

The SQL Server Trusted Platform License with SupportDesk includes a 24x7 support program in Japan to ensure stable operations.

Fujitsu plans to offer additional solutions that help customers deploy and benefit from SQL Server in their critical business systems.


Fujitsu and Microsoft entered into a partnership in April 2009 to provide solutions to Japan's enterprise market. As part of that partnership, Fujitsu is now offering the Fujitsu SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture and SQL Server Trusted Platform License with SupportDesk in Japan. With this platform and support, Fujitsu can offer its customers the following solutions for setting up and operating data-warehousing systems.

  1. Customers can choose from a range of performance-tested recommended configurations, eliminating the cost of testing from their configuration budget and shortening the deployment time.
  2. To enable advanced data-warehousing applications, compatibility between SQL Server and Fujitsu's Interstage middleware has been verified. The combination enables precise data-cleansing as well as the collection, compilation, and high-speed extraction of large volumes of data in diverse formats, making it easy to consolidate and use Japanese-language databases.
  3. Deployment and support services for business-intelligence tools are offered to facilitate effective utilization of terabyte-class data-warehousing systems.
  4. Fujitsu provides 24x7 support to keep SQL Server running smoothly. In addition, the software assurance feature gives customers access to product upgrades.

About the Fujitsu SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture

1. Key Features

  • The platform consists of Fujitsu's PRIMERGY RX300 S5 x86 servers and ETERNUS DX80 storage systems in recommended configurations optimized for 6-12 terabyte class data-warehousing systems.
  • The product benefits from detailed guidance and tools that build on Fujitsu's experience building large-scale systems, making it easy to tune data-warehousing systems for maximum performance.
  • In the future, the product line will be augmented to support even larger data-warehousing systems and will be offered globally.

2. Configuration, Pricing, and Availability

ConfigurationReference Price
(excl. tax)
Shipment in Japan
SoftwareMicrosoft® SQL Server® 2008 Enterprise Edition
(Price shown for Open Business License, 25-Client License)
JPY 9.47 million and upFebruary 8, 2010
(CPU: 2x Intel Xeon X5570 Quad Core @ 2.93 GHz)
(Interface: 8 Gbps Fibre-Channel; Disk: 20x 450 GB SAS hard disk drive @ 15,000 rpm)

About SQL Server Trusted Platform License with SupportDesk

1. Key Features

  • SQL Server processor license and software assurance (L&SA) are offered along with Fujitsu's 24x7 support services as a set, which previously could only be purchased or licensed separately. This provides not only support for regular system operations, but also product upgrades. The product expands on the Microsoft Trusted Platform Program(2).
  • Customers will have access to Fujitsu engineers stationed at a joint Fujitsu/Microsoft support center, enjoying joint support of engineers from both companies. The synergy from Microsoft's engineers, who are experts in their company's products, and Fujitsu's engineers, with their skills in operations and in-depth knowledge of customer systems, will provide fast and thorough resolutions to customer issues.

2. Covered Products, Pricing, and Availability

Covered ProductsReference Price
(excl. tax)
Shipment in Japan
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Standard Edition Processor LicenseJPY 790,000 and upFebruary 8, 2010
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Enterprise Edition Processor LicenseJPY 3.3 million and up
  • Licensing programs for covered products: Microsoft® Select, Microsoft® Select Plus, Microsoft® Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft® Enterprise Subscription Agreement
  • Pricing above is for Microsoft® Select license, 3-year software assurance, and 1-year support services

  • [1] SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse

    A data-warehousing solution that combines performance-tested recommended hardware configurations with guidance and tools for design and setup for stable system deployments without the performance and operational troubles that can arise in setup and regular operations.

  • [2] Microsoft Trusted Platform Program

    A program launched in January 2010 by Microsoft for the Japan enterprise market that bundles SQL Server processor licenses and software assurance with support services, as part of an alliance between Microsoft and its solutions partners, who have extensive backgrounds in system integration and a large base of customers. See Microsoft's December 8, 2009 press release (

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