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Fujitsu Releases Notebook PC with "CLEARSURE" Security Solution

- Preventing information leaks from lost or stolen PCs through remote data deletion -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, August 24, 2009

Fujitsu today announced that it will begin sales of the new FMV-LIFEBOOK model FMV-S8390, a high-performance notebook PC for enterprise customers with the CLEARSURE technology, allowing data stored on the PC's hard disk drive (HDD) to be deleted remotely in the event of loss or theft. The new PC will be available from early September onward in Japan only.


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Through a custom communications module built into the PC, CLEARSURE uses the PHS network to allow all data stored on the PC's HDD to be deleted remotely(1). If the PC is within the communication range of the PHS network, data can be deleted even when the PC has been switched off(2), enabling advanced security functionality that allows commands to be executed regardless of the PC's operational state.

By taking full advantage of the CLEARSURE service, users can prevent information leaks from lost or stolen PCs with a high degree of certainty, thus allowing them to take their PCs off-premise with greater assurance. This in turn, leads to increased work efficiency and productivity.

The CLEARSURE-enabled FMV-S8390 includes a custom communications module and HDD with encryption technology as standard features. By connecting to Fujitsu's control server(3) using the Internet, customers can send commands through the PHS network to instantly erase data on the PC's HDD. Depending on the situation, customers can employ either a "PC lock" command that prevents the PC from starting, or a "data deletion" command to prevent accessibility to the data on the HDD.

In actuality, the "data deletion" command of the security solution deletes the encryption key found in the HDD that is required to decrypt the encrypted data, thus making the data inaccessible.

By purchasing the new notebook PC, customers will be able to utilize all CLEARSURE functions immediately, without the need for extra set-up and initial costs, in order to enjoy the advanced security environment.

Product Features

  1. CLEARSURE security solution to prevent information leaks from loss or theft
    • Possible to execute remote commands through the PHS network
      Customers can execute the "PC lock" or "data deletion" commands over WILLCOM Inc.'s PHS network, which covers 99.4% of Japan's population(4). This means that if a PC is lost, it can be locked, or the data on it inaccessible, with a high degree of certainty.
    • Two security commands to provide robust security against information leaks
      The FMV-S8390 is equipped with a "data deletion" command that makes the contents of the HDD impossible to recover or analyze, as well as a "PC lock" command that prevents the PC from starting up.
      The "data deletion" command instantly deletes the encryption key needed to decrypt the data saved in encrypted form on the HDD, thus rendering the data unreadable and unrecoverable.
      The "PC lock" command shuts down the operation of the PC, preventing other parties from accessing the PC.
    • World first(5) to allow execution of commands even in off-mode
      The communications module remains in standby mode even when the PC is switched off, allowing for lock and delete commands to be executed regardless of whether the power is on or off, a world first. Through the use of a low-power-consumption PHS module, battery drain is minimal, allowing the communication module to remain in standby mode for long periods of time. Customers can confirm the outcomes of action commands in detail by accessing the control server.
    • Option for up to five years of service(6)
      The CLEARSURE service can be used for one full year with every purchase. Customers can choose to purchase an extended service time frame of three, four, up to five years maximum as a build-to-order option.
  2. Superior mobile performance features
    The FMV-S8390's specifications have been carefully crafted for mobility, with a 13.3" widescreen LCD, an encrypted 160 GB HDD, and battery runtime of up to 10.5 hours(7).
  3. Supports a wide range of security features
    In addition to the built-in CLEARSURE functionality, the new PC is equipped with security chip, fingerprint sensor, Felica, and smart card reader, which combined with CLEARSURE, provides an even more robust level of security.
  4. Mobile multi-bay design for flexibility
    PC slots accommodating optical drives and other modules are multi-bay, enabling hardware to be tailored to the needs of the moment. Users can insert a DVD-ROM or other super-multi drives when at the office, and remove the optical drives to enable portability when taking the laptop outside.
  5. "HDD protection function" guards against damage on impact
    Through the system's "HDD protection function(8)", a sensor detects when the PC is being dropped, and safely mitigates the HDD's magnetic head prior to impact thus preventing damage to its surface and loss of data.
  6. Power-saving design complies with international ENERGY STAR program(9)
    With its environmental-friendly design including the enhancement of power consumption levels, the FMV-S8390 complies with the new standards of the international ENERGY STAR program that went into effect as of July 2009. The battery utility included as a standard feature, is able to stop battery charging at 80% of its capacity, which can extend battery life by as much as 50%. The build-to-order Core™2 Duo models are compliant to the ENERGY STAR program.
  7. Alignment with Systemwalker Desktop Patrol (scheduled)
    Systemwalker Desktop Patrol, the software for managing PC assets and handling information leaks, will collaborate with CLEARSURE-enabled PCs to allow efficient management of remote "PC lock" and "data deletion" commands (scheduled for October 2009)

MSRP and Availability

Pricing shown below is the manufacturer's suggested retail price (excluding tax) for standard configuration, including the Windows Vista® Business & Downgrade Service(10). Pricing will vary according with build-to-order configurations.

13.3 widescreen mobile models

Model CPU MSRP Specifications Availability
(13.3" widescreen)
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor P8700 (2.53 GHz) JPY 249,000 13.3" wide XGA LCD (1,280 × 800 dots)
Memory: 1 GB (DDR3 SDRAM); HDD: 160 GB w/ encryption; 10.5 runtime
1000base-T/100base-TX/10base-T; security button; security chip
CLEARSURE service duration: 1 year
Late September
Intel® Celeron® processor 900 (2.20 GHz) JPY 216,000

Build-to-order options for CLEARSURE service

Model MSRP Description Availability
CLEARSURE service extension (up to 3 years) JPY 17,000 Extends standard 1-year CLEARSURE service to 3 years Late September 2009
CLEARSURE service extension (up to 4 years) JPY 21,000 Extends standard 1-year CLEARSURE service to 4 years
CLEARSURE service extension (up to 5 years) JPY 25,000 Extends standard 1-year CLEARSURE service to 5 years

(The above options can only be selected prior to the shipment from the factory.)

  • [1] Allows all data stored on the PC's HDD to be deleted remotely

    The encryption key required to decrypt the data content on the HDD is deleted, making it impossible to recover or analyze the data. The encrypted data itself is not actually erased.

  • [2] Data can be deleted even when the PC is switched off

    The "data deletion" function will not work in remote areas where PHS signals cannot be reached or in cases in which the notebook PC's battery has been depleted.

  • [3] Control server

    Customers must register their PCs with the control server in order to use the CLEARSURE service.

  • [4] 99.4% of Japan's population

    Percentage calculated by dividing the total population in municipalities, served by WILLCOM, Inc, by Japan's total population. Newly established municipalities are presumed to include local government offices and urban areas, and are determined according to the customer's convenience (based on data from WILLCOM, Inc).

  • [5] World first

    World's first PC to allow deletion of HDD data by remote operation even when the PC is switched off (based on research by Fujitsu as of August 21, 2009).

  • [6] Up to five years of service

    Standard configuration includes one year of service. This can be extended to three, four, or maximum five years of service as a build-to-order option.

  • [7] Battery runtime of up to 10.5 hours

    When using Windows Vista Business downgrade model with extra battery.

  • [8] HDD protection function

    The function cannot guarantee the prevention of data loss or HDD damage in all circumstances.

  • [9] International ENERGY STAR program

    An international energy-saving standards program for office equipment enacted in seven countries.Homepage: ENERGY STAR

  • [10] Windows Vista® Business & Downgrade Service

    Based on the downgrade option in Windows Vista® Business, Fujitsu can perform the downgrade operation if requested by the customer.

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Date: 24 August, 2009
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