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Fujitsu HOPE and Intel® vPro™ Enable Efficient Health IT Management

- Improving IT services while reducing operational workload for Shinshu University Hospital -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 13, 2009

Intel Japan and Fujitsu announced today the successful deployment of a computer system using Intel® vPro™ technology and Fujitsu HOPE/Shunkai computer-support package in more than 1,000 PC work terminals at Shinshu University Hospital. This system, the first of its kind in Japan(1), uses advanced technology from both Intel Japan and Fujitsu for efficient overall management of the hospital's PC work terminals. This technology allows for system managers to remotely turn on work terminals as well as initiate simultaneous software updates over the network, thus minimizing administrative time and reducing workload. Shinshu University Hospital anticipates that this technology will help greatly reduce systems administration costs.

Shinshu University Hospital has also started full-scale operation of HOPE/EGMAIN-GX, Fujitsu's electronic medical record (EMR) package. In order to use electronic medical records, 840 FMV-ESPRIMO desktop computers and 220 FMV-LIFEBOOK notebook computers have all been equipped with Intel® vPro™ processor technology to provide integrated system management.

To further reduce the workload of information system managers, Intel Japan and Fujitsu will work together to actively promote these systems to other medical institutions in Japan.

In recent years, hospitals have operated separate information systems for each department, including electronic medical records, leading to numerous different systems all being mixed together within the same institution. Accordingly, the workload required of information system managers for operational maintenance of PC work terminals has been increasing. As a result, there is a need to shift the focus of IT in medical institutions by reducing the maintenance workload of system managers so that they can provide higher quality IT services in hospitals for patients.

For system managers at Shinshu University Hospital, the task of managing the hospital's PC work terminals had become complicated. Software updates for terminals had to be performed outside of regular hours of operation with managers having to manually turn on each PC that had been turned off, and confirm whether or not the updates were up and running. In addition, many of the technical-support calls fielded by the help desk could not be resolved without the manager being physically present at the PC, thereby slowing down the overall support process.

To address these problems, the hospital deployed a new computer system with 840 FMV ESPRIMO desktop computers powered by the Intel® Core™ 2 processor with vPro technology, and 220 FMV LIFEBOOK notebook computers powered by the Intel® Centrino® processor with vPro technology, combined with Fujitsu's management-support package, HOPE/Shunkai. Streamlining IT management, the new system enables system managers to remotely turn on computers that have been turned off, thereby enabling installation of software updates or patches without having to be on-site, as well as swiftly respond remotely to computer problems should they arise. These capabilities are expected to greatly reduce costs by increasing the operating efficiency of the hospital's PC work terminals. In addition, the recovery time stemming from computer problems is expected to be minimized, allowing system managers to focus more on providing a higher level of medical IT services through analyzing and assessing diagnostic data, as well as proposing strategies for medical services.

Nobuhiro Sakata, Deputy Manager of the Medical Information Department at Shinshu University Hospital, said, "We had expected that an across-the-board switch to electronic medical records would necessitate more terminals, so even before deployment, it was a high priority for us to reduce the operational burden. Reducing this burden enables us to act more decisively to provide quality medical IT services, so we have high hopes resting on the combined solution of Intel® vPro™ technology and the HOPE/Shunkai package. It allows us to manage our systems in new ways so that we can operate more efficiently."

The combination of computers with Intel® vPro™ technology and the HOPE/Shunkai package is a new solution for overall system optimization and improved medical services. Intel Japan and Fujitsu have contributed to a higher level of medical services at Shinshu University Hospital and will continue looking for ways to streamline IT management. They will also promote these offerings to other medical institutions in Japan with the aim of reducing the operational burden of system managers.

Fujitsu will exhibit this and other health industry-related solutions at the International Modern Hospital Show 2009, from July 15-17 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Overview of the 5th Generation Hospital System

Intel® vPro™ Technology

Intel® vPro™ technology is Intel's advanced hardware technology providing client PCs with enhanced robust management and security features along with high performance and superior energy savings. It is available in two forms: the Intel® Core™ 2 Processor with vPro technology for the desktop, and Intel® Centrino® with vPro technology for notebooks.


HOPE/Shunkai is a management-support software that increases the efficiency of numerous administrative tasks involved in managing and maintaining PCs.

PC Server: PRIMERGY BX620 (1)
Storage: ETERNUS4000 (1)


HOPE/EGMAIN-GX is an electronic medical records solution that is continuously evolving to reflect feedback from healthcare workers. Rather than being an EMR solution simply for entering, storing, and recalling medical data, it is based on the concept of being a more functional solution that promotes safety and security in healthcare.

  • [1] Fujitsu HOPE and Intel® vPro™ Enable Efficient Health IT Management

    As of July 13, 2009, according to research by Fujitsu. Refers to the combination of Intel® vPro™ technology and HOPE/Shunkai.

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