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  7. Fujitsu to Release Compact ATM with Japan's Fastest Banknote Handling

Fujitsu to Release Compact ATM with Japan's Fastest Banknote Handling

- Reduces total ATM operating costs by 40% -

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Frontech Limited

Tokyo, April 24, 2009

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Limited today announced the development of a compact automatic teller machine with the fastest banknote-handling performance in Japan, making it an optimal ATM solution for train stations, shopping centers and other locations with tight space requirements. Sales of the new ATM will begin in Japan today.

Compact ATM

The banknote dispensing speed of the new model is 30% faster than in previous Fujitsu models, making it the fastest compact ATM model in Japan. With faster banknote handling, the new model will shorten wait times for users during peak usage periods. In addition, increased banknote storage capacity means that armored car servicing calls(1) will be less frequent and servicing fees lower. The new model also uses less power in standby mode. These and other upgrades deliver total operating costs roughly 40% lower than with previous models.

To accommodate lifestyle changes and the desire for greater convenience among bank customers, there is an increasing need to install ATMs in a wide variety of locations, including train stations and shopping centers. Furthermore, this trend toward broader ATM installation is likely to expand further, and in locations that are heavy with foot traffic or busy with shoppers, ATMs need to complete transactions quickly and be compact in size to meet tight space requirements.

Fujitsu is taking these market needs into account with its new high-speed ATM that is in the fastest in Japan in terms of banknote handling and is small enough to be installed in train stations, shopping centers and other areas with limited installation space.

Features of the new compact ATM

  1. Compact and the fastest in banknote handling performance
    At ten banknotes per second, the new ATM is 30% faster than Fujitsu's previous models, which processed seven banknotes per second, and is the fastest in Japan among compact ATMs. This reduces the time for a single transaction by 3 seconds (based on a transaction of depositing 10 banknotes).
  2. Low operating costs
    The banknote cache holds up to 8,100 notes, roughly three times the capacity of previous models with the potential to reduce ATM refill-call frequency and armored car fees. Maintenance and equipment expenses are also reduced, and even standby power consumption is lower, resulting in significantly lower total operating costs.
  3. Environmentally conscious low-power consumption
    The new model features an environmentally friendly design, with standby power consumption 40% lower than in previous models, and utilizes electronic journaling(2) as well as minimizes the issuance of receipts to cut down on paper tape, thereby helping to reduce the ATM's overall carbon footprint. It also makes greater use of recycled plastics and other environmentally friendly materials. The precise labeling of materials, incorporated into the life cycle management of the product, assists in parts separation when disposing of the machines.
  4. Effective use of the FACT-V series application resources
    The new ATM software can utilize the application resources of Fujitsu's FACT-V, FACT-V model 10, and FACT-V model 20, integrating them into one package and allowing for faster system delivery.

This product will be on display at Fujitsu Forum 2009, running May 14-15 at the Tokyo International Forum (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

Pricing and Availability

Price (excluding tax) Shipment
Open pricing September 2009

* Installation & maintenance costs quoted separately
* Pricing will vary depending on configuration

Sales Target

5,000 units in Japan over the next three years.

  • [1] Armored car servicing calls

    Service performed by armored car companies to fill ATMs with new banknotes, recover deposits, and respond to problems.

  • [2] Electronic journaling

    Managing transaction history data electronically instead of printing on paper tape.

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Date: 24 April, 2009
City: Tokyo
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