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Fujitsu Accelerates Business Change with Comprehensive Application and Service Management Suite

- Integrated management of applications and SOA services provides foundation for high development productivity and quality -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 15, 2008

Fujitsu Limited today announced the worldwide release of Application and Service Management (ASM) Suite of software consisting of the Interstage® Application Development Cycle Manager (ADM), the Interstage Software Quality Analyzer (SQA) and CentraSite®. This suite brings greater control and governance to business service delivery with clear and consistent management of all the services, underlying applications and source code that make up business systems.

Due to increasing competitive pressure, the demand for new services is accelerating. New business governance and service delivery requirements make development lifecycles more complex and at the same time much shorter. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) improves agility, but leads to vastly greater numbers of code modules compared to previous development models. It is therefore more important than ever to quickly identify what has to be achieved, which applications are impacted, what changes are required and where the affected application code is stored and managed.

ASM Suite meets these needs and provides the ability to coordinate and manage all services as well as all underlying application components. It addresses the difficulties that development managers face in managing distributed source code assets, providing them with full visualization of all the essential relationships. As an additional benefit, customers gain the ability to better articulate and enforce changing requirements in business regulations and operating policies.

"SOA is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for companies that need agility and flexibility. Fujitsu can now offer an integrated portfolio of management tools that cover the whole service lifecycle, from requirements to deployment of applications," said Akira Yamanaka, corporate vice president and president of the Software Unit, Fujitsu Limited. "Fujitsu will continue to expand this portfolio to provide the competitive advantage that makes a difference for our customers."

Key Features

Integrated suite accelerates application delivery: Closely integrated features and particularly the close relationship between ADM, SQA and CentraSite put Interstage ahead on the service lifecycle management curve. Unlike other suites that are assembled from products with diverse backgrounds, Fujitsu's suite is based on consistent underlying concepts and architecture.

Efficient asset management for rapid development and sophisticated governance of high quality services:Fujitsu has proven the strengths of the approach in-house, prior to this public release. Techniques used in ASM Suite have been rigorously tested as part of Fujitsu's own software development environment. Fujitsu's Quality Assurance Unit has confirmed that the quality of software delivery was enhanced by adoption of such techniques in the early stages of development.

Integrated BPM functionalities help customers comply with laws and internal policies: ASM Suite stores all development artifacts in versions, with logging and tracing. This is the basis for compliance. Access control mechanisms support the definition and execution of permissions. Integrated BPM facilitates the definition of workflows and best practices that implement governance rules. These are recorded and managed, showing what has been changed: "when", "by whom", and "why". In terms of compliance, customers are better able to avoid legal risks due to unintended or deliberate violation of regulations. They can also more easily define company expectations and facilitate full implementation of such governance rules.

Key products of the Application and Service Management suite include:

  • Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager
    Robust application lifecycle management, with a strong software configuration repository and integrated requirements management, change management, and release management. Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager can deal with complex software systems as well as with modular SOA services. Through the integration with another suite product, CentraSite, SOA services can be properly managed throughout their lifecycle.
  • Interstage Software Quality Analyzer
    Application development is rarely started from scratch. Most companies have existing applications that leverage diverse technology generations from mainframes to client/server and Internet technologies. Interstage Software Quality Analyzer enables software professionals to analyze existing application portfolios through quality metrics and impact analysis tools. Various languages and environments, including COBOL and Java, can be parsed and visualized.
  • CentraSite
    As a state-of-the-art SOA registry and repository, CentraSite maintains all metadata about SOA services. Sophisticated impact analysis tools assist in managing changes to SOA-based applications. CentraSite is integrated with Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager, adding lifecycle capabilities to SOA metadata. CentraSite is also integrated with Interstage Software Quality Analyzer for legacy-to-SOA transformation. CentraSite was codeveloped by Fujitsu and Software AG.

All products share an underlying data model and are accessible through both a WebGUI and an Eclipse GUI. Consistently integrated user management, access control, version control, and reporting provide an easy-to-use experience.

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