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Fujitsu Establishes Medium-Term Environmental Vision: "Green Policy 2020"

- Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 million tons by 2020 through environmental innovation -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 23, 2008

Fujitsu Limited today announced that the Fujitsu Group has established "Green Policy 2020," its medium-term environmental vision which defines the role the Group seeks to play in addressing global environmental issues.

The three keywords of this vision are "Creation," "Collaboration," and "Change," and the goal is to spark environmental innovation in the Fujitsu Group and in society as a whole to help build a prosperous, low-carbon society. The Fujitsu Group will make continual efforts towards achieving this goal and estimates that its initiatives will result in reducing CO2 emissions in Japan by 30 million tons per year by 2020.


At the Group of Eight (G8) Summit held in Hokkaido in July, world leaders issued a declaration stating that they would work together to cut worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050. In order to reach this goal, world greenhouse gas emissions will need to peak by 2020 at the latest, and technological, systematic, and free-market innovations will be a necessary part of the process.

For its own part, the Fujitsu Group has laid out a new medium-term environmental vision for dealing with global environmental issues in terms of the role the Group should play as a global IT leader and how it plans to carry out its role.

Green Policy 2020: Medium-Term Environmental Vision

Medium-Term Environmental Vision

To support the creation of a prosperous, low-carbon society, the Fujitsu Group will leverage its technologies and know-how to inspire environmental innovation for its business and for society, in collaboration with customers and partners.

The policy is embodied in the three keywords Creation, Collaboration, and Change: Creation of advanced technologies and business solutions; Collaboration with customers, business partners, and other key stakeholders in the international community; and the promotion of Change within the Fujitsu Group itself.

Three Goals

1. Benefit our customers and society as a whole

It is the goal of the Fujitsu Group to reduce carbon emissions in Japan by 30 million tons annually by 2020 through the provision of advanced, energy-efficient technologies and solutions, thus contributing to lowering worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, which need to peak by 2020 at the latest in order to achieve the 2050 goal declared by the G8.

2. Pursue internal reforms

By 2020, Fujitsu seeks to offer world-class overall energy efficiency(1) in all of its business areas (software and services, hardware, electronic devices, others). Fujitsu will also set up a new organization to promote low-carbon initiatives.

3. Preserve biodiversity

Fujitsu plans to address every area of the Leadership Declaration of the Business and Biodiversity Initiative(2), with specific initiatives underway before 2020.

In order to achieve these three goals, Green Policy 2020 includes a total of 20 specific topics, including 13 on the subject of benefiting customers and society, such as developing innovative energy technologies and helping customers reduce their resource and energy demands; five on the subject of internal reforms, including thorough carbon reduction in Fujitsu's business activities; and two on the subject of biodiversity.

  • [1] Overall Energy Efficiency = (Business Value/ Environmental Burden)

    Business value comprises production costs, sales, number of employees, and other value. Environmental burden comprises energy used in production, infrastructure, cooling, and other usage.

  • [2] Business and Biodiversity Initiative

    At the Ninth Conference of the Parties (COP9) to the Convention on Biological Diversity, the government of Germany encouraged private enterprise to take a more active role in preserving biodiversity. Companies participating in this initiative, and which signed a Leadership Declaration, are expected to promote the preservation of biodiversity in their business activities. Fujitsu signed the Leadership Declaration on May 29, 2008 (German time).

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Date: 23 July, 2008
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