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Fujitsu Becomes Promoter Member of Trusted Computing Group

- Taking on leadership role in defining standards for highly trusted and secure solutions -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 25, 2008

Fujitsu Limited, one of the world's leading suppliers of trusted computing and security solutions, today announced that the company has become a Promoter Member(1) of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a computing security industry standards organization. By achieving Promoter Member status, Fujitsu receives the right to a permanent seat on the group's Board of Directors.

TCG, founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2003, is an open standards organization whose specifications help vendors build products that enable users to protect critical data and valuable information assets across a variety of devices and platforms. As of June 2008, TCG had grown to encompass over 135 member companies from around the world. TCG aims to develop, define, and promote open specifications for trusted computing and security technologies, including hardware building blocks and software interfaces, across multiple platforms, servers, network equipment, and peripherals.

Fujitsu initially joined as a Contributor Member(2) and has supported the objectives of TCG since the group's inception. TCG's objectives coincide with Fujitsu's efforts to realize a secure and trusted Internet environment.

For example, compound authentication, invented by Fujitsu, realizes a high level of security by authenticating a combination of three factors: a user, a platform, and a platform environment. Fujitsu has proposed this technology to the Authentication Work Group (AWG)(3) of TCG, and it is now under consideration for standardization.

Fujitsu offers various products and services for high security and trusted computing based on the TCG specifications and the company's own technologies. Examples include enterprise-use personal computers with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)(4), TPM-enabled secure access routers, and hard disk drives supporting hardware-based Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)(5) 256-bit encryption. These products contribute to the building of secure and trusted IT infrastructures.

Fujitsu will strive to satisfy customers' needs for secure and trusted systems by applying its technologies and know-how to TCG activities, promoting TCG specifications, and offering the most advanced products and services.

"On behalf of TCG, I congratulate Fujitsu on becoming a Promoter Member of the group," said Scott Rotondo, TCG President and Chairman. "We appreciate Fujitsu's continued effort in the group, including technical activities in the Authentication, Trusted Network Connect, and Storage areas, and we expect more contributions under the new Promoter Member status in coming years."

  • [1] Promoter Member

    A TCG member having full voting privileges to lead TCG activities. This member level also has a permanent seat on the TCG Board of Directors.

  • [2] Contributor Member

    A TCG member contributing to TCG activities primarily through technical activities. Another TCG member level is "Adopter Member," which has access to selected TCG internal information in order to make use of the TCG specifications.

  • [3] Authentication Work Group (AWG)

    A TCG working group for authentication technologies, co-chaired by Fujitsu.

  • [4] Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

    A hardware module that protects confidential information and is used to build secure and trusted systems. It is built into various equipment.

  • [5] Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

    A next-generation encryption standard algorithm that is under consideration for standardization.

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Date: 25 June, 2008
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