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Fujitsu Becomes First in Japan to Attain BS25999 Certification in Business Continuity Management System

Enhancing the corporate value of customers through world-class business continuity management

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu FSAS Inc.,Fujitsu Research Institute

Tokyo, April 11, 2008

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu FSAS Inc. today announced that their maintenance services business for customer IT infrastructure attained BS25999 certification, the British Standard certification for business continuity management system, on April 8, becoming the first organization in Japan to do so. This achievement was the result of the consulting support the companies received from Fujitsu Research Institute, followed by an independent evaluation that found the companies' world-class business continuity management system to be in full compliance with the certification standard.

In addition to maintaining robust data security and improving the quality of services provided to its customers, the Fujitsu Group is committed to providing high-quality, highly reliable maintenance and operations services by preventing the interruption of business in the event of a disaster. Moreover, by leveraging Fujitsu's know-how and track record in business continuity management, Fujitsu will contribute to improving customers' own business continuity management and raising their corporate value.

As IT systems have become critical infrastructure for society, businesses need to be prepared for and able to recover quickly from every kind of emergent situation that could impact their IT infrastructure, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters as well as widespread blackouts, influenza pandemic, and terrorist attacks.

The Fujitsu Group has long offered its customers maintenance services to help their IT systems recover quickly from all kinds of disasters, contributing to the secure and stable operation of customers' IT systems. In order to respond quickly and appropriately to real-world disasters, every year since 1995 the company has been holding training workshops on September 1, Japan's national Disaster Prevention Day, to prepare for dealing with a variety of emergencies.

Furthermore, since fiscal 2006, working with Fujitsu Research Institute, which has a long track record in business continuity consulting, Fujitsu formulated a business continuity management plan that covers the central functions of the technical support department that assists Fujitsu call centers and customer support engineers located primarily in the Tokyo area, and has implemented a business continuity management system designed to maintain and improve that plan.

As evidence that these efforts on the part of the Fujitsu Group's maintenance services business meet British Standard in business continuity management, Fujitsu recently received certification by a third-party certification body, BSI Management Systems Japan K.K.(2), which certified that Fujitsu's practices met requirements of the BS25999 standard for business continuity management system. Fujitsu is the first organization in Japan to achieve this certification.

In the area of data security, Fujitsu's maintenance services business received the British Standards Institute's BS7799(3) certification and Japan's ISMS(4) certification in April 2005, and ISO27001(5) international certification in May 2006. In addition, in December 2006, Fujitsu's operational services business received ISO20000(6) certification, the international standard for IT services management systems.

In addition to continuing to maintain robust data security and improve the quality of services provided to its customers, the Fujitsu Group, as a trusted partner to its customers, will provide high-quality, highly reliable maintenance and operations services and, by raising the bar on business continuity, contribute to raising the corporate value of its customers.

Certification Overview

Certified organization: Fujitsu Limited, Infrastructure Services Group (Fujitsu IT Infrastructure Services Business Unit and Fujitsu FSAS)

Certificate number: BCMS 533817
Standard certified: BS25999-2:2007

Scope of certification: equipment maintenance and other services to ensure customers' IT infrastructure, including information systems and networks, operate safely and stably.

Certification body: BSI Management Systems Japan K.K.
Date of certification: April 8, 2008

  • [1] BS25999

    The British Standards Institution published a code of practice in November 2006 (Part 1) and the specification in November 2007 (Part 2) that define the capabilities needed for dealing with threats to operational continuity, and for minimizing the possibility of interruption in operations from disasters and epidemics.

  • [2] BSI Management Systems Japan K.K.

    BSI Management Systems is the certification body in the British Standards Institution Group, which is the world's oldest standards organization. BSI Management Systems Japan is their Japanese subsidiary, and has the top share in ISO27001 certifications in Japan.

  • [3] BS7799

    A British standard which is aimed at maintaining appropriate levels of security for the information assets organizations use in conducting business activities, as well as establishing a system for maintaining and improving data handling practices.

  • [4] ISMS

    Information Security Management System. An information security benchmark which is based on an assessment system determined by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation, which is based on BSI.

  • [5] ISO27001

    An international standard for information security management, based on BS7799. ISO27001 formalizes specific management policies for ensuring information security.

  • [6] ISO20000

    The sole international certification standard for IT services management that is compliant with the IT Infrastructure Library, which documents best practices for IT services management. These guidelines were created by a UK government agency to systemize the administrative processes and methods used in IT management.

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