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Fujitsu Green IT to Help Customers Reduce Environmental Burden

- Green Policy Innovation project targets 7-million-ton CO2 reduction -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, December 10, 2007

Further strengthening its initiatives to promote Green IT(1), Fujitsu Limited today announced a new Green Policy Innovation project which aims to achieve a cumulative reduction of more than 7 million tons(2) of CO2 from fiscal 2007 through fiscal 2010.

Fujitsu will concentrate its know-how and technological resources in two areas: reducing the environmental burden of IT infrastructure, and reducing customers' environmental burden through new IT applications. Going forward, the Company will successively introduce new products and services that will support these initiatives and enable customers to lessen their environmental burden, ultimately helping to curb global warming.

Environmental issues—and particularly the problem of global warming—are a growing concern for global society. In the IT field, the proportion of electric power consumed by IT continues to grow due to the widespread use of IT equipment and the increased demand for data centers. As a result, the development of energy-saving infrastructure has become an urgent priority. There are also high expectations that new applications of IT can help reduce society's overall environmental burden, and consequently interest in "green IT" is expected to intensify.

Since its establishment, Fujitsu has regarded environmental protection as one of its most important priorities, and the Company has continuously engaged in environmental activities. Today, discharging its responsibility to society as an IT enterprise, Fujitsu is building on its past achievements to initiate the Green Policy Innovation project as a bold measure to assist its customers in reducing their environmental burden.

The project will reduce the environmental burden of IT infrastructure through, for example, energy-saving, compact IT equipment, energy-efficient operation enabled by virtualization technology, and entire data centers that utilize such technology. In addition, the project will reduce customers' environmental burden through the introduction of new IT applications, including outsourcing and consulting services.

From fiscal 2007 through fiscal 2010, the project aims to achieve a cumulative reduction of more than 7 million tons of CO2 .

A new service for the design and deployment of energy-efficient data centers, called "Green Infrastructure Solution," is being introduced in conjunction with the announcement of this project.

A succession of products and services will be introduced in the future through the Green Policy Innovation project, with the objective of fulfilling the Company's commitment to lowering the environmental burden of Fujitsu clients and society as a whole.

Examples of Green IT implemented as part of Green Policy Innovation project

Reducing the environmental burden of IT infrastructure:

  • Blade servers: Compact, energy-efficient server integration
  • Entry-level compact disk arrays: compact and energy-efficient
    ETERNUS 2000
  • UNIX servers: high-reliability, high-performance, and energy-efficiency
    SPARC Enterprise T5220
  • Network servers: energy-efficiency though function integration
    IPCOM EX series
  • Middleware: high-performance software offering virtualization
    Systemwalker Resource Coordinator Virtual server Edition

Reducing environmental burden through new IT applications:

  • Energy-efficient data center design and deployment service
    Green Infrastructure Solution (new offering)
  • Delivery vehicle status management for environmentally friendly logistics
    On-board logistics system
  • Cutting-edge POS systems powered by midsize back-office servers
    GlobalStore III
  • Reduced movement of people and use of equipment through e-learning
    Internet Navigware
  • Environmental performance data recording and management system to support strategic environmental management
  • Chemical substances management system to support eco-design of products

Industry Activities

  • Member of Climate Savers Computing Initiative(3), which seeks to improve energy efficiency of PCs and servers
  • Planning membership in Green Grid(4), which promotes data center energy efficiency

  • [1] Green IT

    IT equipment with environmentally friendly features, such as compact design and energy efficiency, and IT solutions intended to lessen equipment users' environmental burden.

  • [2] Target of more than 7 million tons

    Fujitsu projection of the potential CO2 reduction, using the company's own calculation method based on sales trends in Japan of Fujitsu platform products and proprietary IT solutions certified as environmentally friendly.

  • [3] Client Savers Computing Initiative

    An environmental protection program aimed at greatly increasing the energy efficiency of PCs and servers. The program is supported by a consortium of electronics manufacturers, consumers, government bodies, and environmental protection groups.

  • [4] The Green Grid

    A consortium of information technology companies and professionals seeking to lower the overall consumption of power in data centers around the globe.

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Date: 10 December, 2007
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