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Fujitsu Develops "Proactnes II" Network Services Management Solution

-Pioneering the visualization of network services-

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 15, 2007

Fujitsu Limited today announced the development of Proactnes II, a network services management solution to manage advanced network operations and service quality. This solution will make it possible to visualize and analyze the quality of services over networks as well as smoothly administer large networks, thereby helping network services providers to deliver high-quality services. Proactnes II is scheduled to go on sale in the first quarter of fiscal 2008.

Proactnes II will package two complementary solutions: Proactnes II QM, to manage the experiential quality of audio and video made available over the network, and Proactnes II NM, which offers monitoring and management features for administering large networks comprised of hundreds of thousands of nodes.

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has developed the core technology that makes it possible to measure and visualize the experiential quality of sound and video over networks. This technology will be commercially applied for the first time in the industry, in Proactnes II, resulting in better sound clarity in IP telephony and better picture clarity in net-distributed video—in short, creating quality that network service providers can measure, visualize, and control.

IP telephony, video distribution, and other services have proliferated over the Internet as advances in networking technology have brought broadband access to more and more people. Consequently, networking infrastructure has become larger and more complex, making it increasingly difficult to cope with operational management issues and respond when problems occur. Providers of network services therefore have a pressing need for tools to manage the quality of their services and to administer the network infrastructure.

Fujitsu's new Proactnes II was designed with all-IP next-generation networks in mind. It helps improve the quality of services delivered over the network while providing a network services management solution for more efficient network management. Fujitsu is offering a wide range of products and services to enable the creation of next-generation networks, from networking equipment to network services management solutions.

Proactnes II: Key Features

Proactnes II comprises the two following solutions:

1. "Proactnes II QM": Network quality-management solution
Using a server to accurately measure packets over the network, this tool can directly collect and analyze traffic for a given service and detect changes in quality. This makes it possible to visualize and control the experiential quality of sound and video being delivered as network services, and to improve the clarity of sound and video in ways that customers can directly manage. With continuous monitoring, this tool makes it possible to detect quality changes in real time, analyze or detect symptoms of network faults, enabling countermeasures to be taken before customers perceive any deterioration in quality.

2. "Proactnes II NM": Network operation management solution
An update to the architecture that debuted in August 2000 under the name Proactnes/SN, this management tool can handle large-scale networks with hundreds of thousands of nodes and provides fault-monitoring, MPLS-VPN(1) control, VLAN(2) control and other management services for everything from core networks to access networks. It is integrated with Proactnes II QM, making it possible to determine the quality status of each service in each region and precisely determine the operational status and impact of a deterioration in quality.

Diagram of Proactnes II

Release Date

Due out in Japan during the first quarter of fiscal 2008.

  • [1] MPLS-VPN (Multi Protocol Label Switching-Virtual Private Network)

    A virtual private network using a packet switching control method that enables speedy transmission of packets to their destination by transmitting the IP packets with fixed-length labels.

  • [2] VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

    A virtual network created using only specified nodes of the local area network without any physical linkage.

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Date: 15 October, 2007
City: Tokyo
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