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Fujitsu Begins Sales of World's First PC Mouse Equipped with Palm Vein Biometric Authentication Sensor

Handy PalmSecure PC Login Kit brings sophisticated biometric authentication into the office

Fujitsu Limited,Fujitsu Frontech Limited

Tokyo, September 11, 2007

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Limited today announced that they have developed a PC Login Kit for use with the PalmSecure palm vein biometric authentication device and begun sales of a mouse model and a standard model for corporate users.

PalmSecure PC Login Kit comes standard with login-authentication software, enabling client-side authentication and eliminating the need to use an authentication server, which had been required up until now. In addition, other improvements have been incorporated, such as faster authentication speeds without a palm guide(1) and greater tolerance for the distance and angle of the hand when it passes over the device.

PalmSecure PC Login Kit (mouse model)

With the new PalmSecure PC Login Kit, logins to PCs or applications that up until now required IDs and passwords can now be done using the highly secure palm vein biometric authentication method.

In recent years, as part of efforts to comply with Japan's Personal Information Protection Law and enhanced internal corporate compliance policies, it has become increasingly important to authenticate the identity of people using particular PCs in order to prevent data leaks from PCs that occur because of unauthorized access or identity fraud.

PalmSecure PC Login Kit (standard model)

In 2004, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech commercialized the PalmSecure palm vein biometric authentication device, which offers superior security and is easy to use. Since then, the companies have provided the technology to financial institutions and wide array of other industries and organizations for use in various applications, including login to PCs, physical admission into secured areas, management for work time clocks, and library book lending systems.

The two companies developed PalmSecure PC Login Kit to make it more simple and economical for customers to deploy Fujitsu's sophisticated palm vein authentication technology. Installing login-authentication software as standard-equipped software, sophisticated authentication can be handled by the PC itself, with no need for an authentication server.

The mouse model, which is the world's first PC mouse equipped with a palm vein biometric authentication sensor, can easily replace an existing PC mouse, offering convenience and space-saving advantages. The companies have also added a compact and portable standard model to their line of PC login kits.

Both the mouse and standard models are available in black, white and gray to coordinate with different offices and computers.

Fujitsu Frontech is in charge of development and manufacturing of the PalmSecure PC Login Kit, with both Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech handling sales.

Features of the Palm Vein Authentication PC Login Kit

  1. Easy installation
    Simply install the PC login-authentication software on the user's PC and attach the device to begin use.
  2. Easy authentication
    Instead of IDs and passwords, users simply hold their palms over the sensor to log into PCs or applications. Once the data of one's palm vein patterns is registered, the information can be used for confirming access to all other applications, eliminating the need to remember numerous separate IDs and passwords for each application. In addition, improvements have been incorporated into this product, such as faster authentication speeds without a palm guide and greater tolerance for the distance and angle of the hand when it passes over the device.
  3. Hardware options
    The kit is available in two models: the mouse model and the standard model. Both are available in black, white, and gray.

Sales targets

Over the next three years, Fujitsu aims to sell 200,000 PalmSecure sensors of all types globally.

  • [1] Palm guide

    A platform to stabilize wrist and finger positions for use when registering or scanning a person's palm vein pattern.

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Date: 11 September, 2007
City: Tokyo
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