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Fujitsu Initiates FENICS Global VPN Service

First Phase of FENICS II –One-stop solution offers secure VPN connections with overseas locations–

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 07, 2007

Fujitsu Limited today announced that, through alliances with telecommunications carriers in Japan and overseas, it is now offering FENICS global VPN services, enabling network connection with 167 countries and regions around the world.

Building on its successful experience with FENICS(1), whose users have included about 50,000 companies in Japan, Fujitsu is joining with international network service providers BT(2), Verizon Business(3) and Virtela Communications, Inc.(4) as well as Japanese telecommunications companies, NTT Communications Corporation(5), KDDI Corporation(6) and SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp.(7) to fill the longstanding demand for connection services with overseas locations.

Under the new service, Fujitsu will assume full responsibility for the many troublesome details that customers have had to deal with up to now on their own, including contracts with domestic and foreign telecommunications carriers, and provision of equipment. Additional service offerings will include Internet VPN(8) connections, which utilize high-speed DSL(9) circuits and the Internet to greatly reduce network construction costs, and high-reliability IP-VPN(10) connections, which utilize IP networks to build private networks.

FENICS II, which Fujitsu announced in May of this year, is the network services offering at the core of the company's "Network as a Service" approach to delivering innovation to the front lines of customer's businesses by leveraging the power of network-enabled IT utilization. FENICS II offers all aspects of service from IT infrastructure and network service to overall network-enabled IT utilization on a one-stop basis. FENICS Global VPN service, the first service offering to take full advantage of the strengths of FENICS II, can help customers expand business by enabling them to easily create VPN(11) connections with overseas locations.

In recent years, Japanese companies in industries such as manufacturing, retailing and restaurant chains have been expanding overseas, and they need to link their overseas locations with Japan and operate in a global manner in order to speed up their business processes and effectively share information.

Leveraging its experience in assisting customers in many industries and many types of business to deploy network-enabled IT systems, Fujitsu is now introducing comprehensive VPN connection services with overseas locations in support of its customers' global operations.

With FENICS Global VPN Service, customers who select Internet VPN connection can obtain comprehensive service, including setting of contracts with overseas Internet service providers and provision of equipment such as routers. The burden of deployment and operation is minimized and network usage costs are greatly reduced, enabling the customer to achieve worry-free, secure VPN connection with overseas locations. Moreover, IP-VPN connection provides highly reliable service for creating private networks on a global basis.

The service is also highly adaptable to the customer's mode of use. For example, when away from the office or at a hotel, VPN connection service is available over telephone lines, as are web conferencing services with overseas offices.

The new service is fully compatible with network services offered up to now in Japan by Fujitsu.

Fujitsu's telecom partners in FENICS II have expressed their strong support for the initiative.

"Fujitsu and BT have had strong business ties for many years, and Fujitsu is a preferred supplier of BT's next generation network transformation programme – the 21st Century Network (21CN)." said Ian Pulford, President and Representative Director, BT Japan Corporation. "We are absolutely delighted to have now been selected by Fujitsu to support its FENICS services around the world"

John Killian, President of Verizon Business, said, "We are pleased to be supporting Fujitsu as it launches this new VPN service and hope that Fujitsu's customers are able to realise the benefit of our global network as part of this offer. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Fujitsu and working together to support the business objectives of our mutual customers."

John Powell, Co-President & Vice President, Global Channels at Virtela Communications, Inc., said, "Virtela is very honored to have been selected by Fujitsu as one of its partners for its FENICS global VPN service. For the past 20 years, Fujitsu has been providing cost competitive, fully-managed, end-to-end network services here in Japan. We look forward to helping Fujitsu deliver these same quality solutions on a global basis."

Osamu Inoue, Executive Vice President of NTT Communications Corporation, said, "Working together with leading Japanese system integrator Fujitsu, NTT Communications Corporation will continue to support global enterprises utilizing its expertise in implementing world-wide ICT solutions."

Takashi Tanaka, Vice President and General Manager of the Solution Business Sector at KDDI Corporation, said, "KDDI provides, with its strong partnership with Fujitsu Limited, a reliable and multi functioned network to our valuable customers whose requirements become more diverse in their growing global markets."

Masaki Imazawa, head of the Global Business Unit at SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp. said, "With even stronger cooperation with Fujitsu FENICS global VPN services, Softbank Telecom provides the best suited global ICT solutions to customers who are expanding their business worldwide."

Details of Service

1) Collaboration with Japanese and overseas telecommunications companies enables connection with 167 countries and regions ( see reference material (31 KB) )

A VPN environment linking 167 countries and regions is offered via the global multi-carrier organization created by tie-ups with international network operators, BT, Verizon Business and Virtela Communications, as well as Japanese telecommunications providers, NTT Communications, KDDI, and Softbank Telecom.

2) One stop service minimizes deployment burden for customers

Fujitsu now provides as a single package service the ISP and access line (proprietary lines and DSL circuits) connection as well as the router equipment that previously was problematical for customers seeking to establish a global Internet VPN connection. Moreover, since Fujitsu even undertakes router provisioning work, the effort of creating a global network is minimized for the customer.

3) Customer can select either Internet VPN or IP-VPN service, based on needs

In accordance with their particular needs, customers can select either Internet VPN connection, which can be deployed at modest cost, or IP-VPN connection, which provides stable service. A combination of both services is also available.

4) Remote access and web-based video conferencing systems available

Services utilizing network-enabled IT are closely tailored to the customer's needs. Remote access service enables those stationed or traveling overseas to connect with a VPN from an office or residence, and JoinMeeting service enables web-based video conferencing with overseas offices.

5) Bilingual Japanese-English 24/7 support desk

Continuous support for the customer's network operation with the global VPN service is provided on a 24/7 basis via telephone in both Japanese and English.

Service Offerings

FENICS Global VPN Service
Internet VPN
Dedicated line
Internet VPN connection via dedicated line
Internet VPN connection via DSL line
IP-VPN connection Dedicated line
Connection to IP-VPN network via dedicated line
Remote access Dial-up PC link to phone line via dial-up connection
Client VPN PC connection to Internet VPN
Web video conferencing system
"JoinMeeting" (ASP offering)
Web conferencing service enabling multiple locations to share video, audio, and data using PCs and the Internet

Pricing and Availability

All available as of today.

FENICS Global VPN Service
Internet VPN
Dedicated line
Individual Estimate
Example: 1Mbps connection, in the case of China, monthly fee from 710,000 yen
Individual Estimate
Example: 1Mbps connection, in the case of China, monthly fee from 220,000 yen
IP-VPN connection Dedicated line
Individual Estimate
Example: 1Mbps connection, in the case of China, monthly fee from 800,000 yen
Remote access Dial-up Initiation fee: 1ID 1,000 yen
Monthly fee:  1ID from 1,000 yen/month (excluding call charges)
Client VPN Initiation fee: from 103,000 yen
Monthly fee:  basic gateway fee of 50,000 yen, 1ID 2,000 yen
Web video conferencing system
"JoinMeeting" (ASP offering)
Initiation fee: 200,000 yen
Monthly fee:  from 50,000 yen (for 5 simultaneous users)

Sales Target

4.0 billion yen over the next 3 years.

  • [1] FENICS

    Trademark name for Fujitsu's network services. Since Fujitsu began offering the service in 1985 as a VAN (Value Added Network) provider, more than 50,000 companies have used FENICS services. By integrating line access services to multiple telecommunications carriers and providing fully-integrated, end-to-end services, including help desk services, FENICS has garnered the top spot in customer satisfaction in Japan's network services field, including in recent customer surveys ("Eleventh Customer Satisfaction Survey," Nikkei Computer, August 7, 2006).

  • [2] BT

    Head Office: London, UK; Chief Executive BT Group: Mr. Ben Verwaayen

  • [3] Verizon Business

    Head Office: NJ, USA; President: John Killian

  • [4] Virtela Communications, Inc.

    Head Office: CO, USA; Co-President & Vice President, Sales and Marketing: Bill Dodds, Co-President & Vice President, Global Channels: John Powell, Co-President & Vice President, Engineering and Operations: Ted Studwell

  • [5] NTT Communications Corporation

    Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Hiromi Wasai

  • [6] KDDI Corporation

    Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; President & Chairman: Tadashi Onodera


    Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director President & CEO: Masayoshi Son

  • [8] Internet VPN

    A Virtual Private Network over the Internet in which confidentiality is enhanced through encryption.

  • [9] DSL: Digital Subscriber Line

    A telephone line that is always connected to enable high-speed transmission of digital data.

  • [10] IP-VPN: Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Network:

    A Virtual Private Network runs over a regional Internet Protocol network of a telecommunications carrier.

  • [11] VPN: Virtual Private Network

    A network configuration in which, in a line network subscribed to by many people, a defined section is virtually closed to limit usage to only people who require access.

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