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Fujitsu Announces the New 'U Series' of Tablet-Convertible Notebook PCs, the World's Smallest in its Class

Weighing only 580g, with a 5.6" widescreen LCD in a small, light body, new ultra-mobile PCs offer advanced mobility and style for business users

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 16, 2007

Fujitsu Limited today announced the addition of the U Series of ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) to its FMV-LIFEBOOK line of notebook PCs. Intended for business users, the U Series is the world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC(1), weighing only 580g and with a thickness of only 26.5mm. The new series is available as of today. Combining the usability advantages of a UMPC with robust security features, the U Series has wide-ranging appeal as a powerful mobile machine.

Figure1:The FMV-U8240: The world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC

Larger View (54 KB)

Fujitsu was quick to adopt the "Intel® Ultra Mobile Platform 2007," announced in April 2007 in the new FMV-U8240, which, with an ultra-slim profile and a weight of only 580g, represents the next level in ubiquitous computing. With advanced communications and security features, the U Series gives users the freedom to work wherever and whenever they choose, encourages new ways of working, and promotes field innovation, which improves productivity on the front lines of business.

"The Fujitsu UMPC combines Fujitsu's systems expertise with Intel's low power processor and chipset," said Anand Chandrasekher, Senior VP Intel Corp and GM Ultra Mobility Group. "The emerging UMPC category delivers the functionality of the PC and full Internet to users who are constantly on the go in ultra light and small form factors."

Figure2:Operation in tablet-mode

Larger View (81 KB)

The FMV-U8240 UMPC is available with the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista™ Business(2), enabling users to employ the same PC environment when they are outside the office as when they are in the office. Its ultra-compact size makes it easy to carry around at all times, and with a maximum battery life of up to 8 hours(3), users can catch up on e-mail, process documents, and do research whenever they need to, without being tied to a desk. The 5.6" widescreen display and keyboard with a 14-mm key pitch and 1.3mm keystroke ensure user-friendliness. Moreover, since it can be used as a handheld tablet PC, users can edit simple documents or perform other tasks on the go, thereby improving productivity when outside the office.

Security measures against theft and information leaks are a serious concern with any mobile PC. As part of the FMV family, the U Series comes with extensive security features, including a security chip and fingerprint scanner. In addition, every aspect of these machines, from design to manufacturing, is consistent with Fujitsu's renowned "Made in Japan" quality.

With its combination of go-anywhere portability and ease of use, the new U Series is expected to elicit strong demand as a popular second computer for users who work away from a desk, such as salespeople, who always need to carry a PC in the field for customer presentations, and repair technicians.

FMV-U8240: Features

1. Ultra-light, ultra-compact—world's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC

With a weight of 580g and thickness of 26.5mm, the FMV-U8240 is extremely light and compact. A key pitch of 14mm and keystroke of 1.3mm, as well as a 5.6" widescreen display (1,024 x 600 resolution) and touchscreen capability, however, enables the flexibility to suit multiple work styles, including both desk-style keyboard entry and pen input for presentations. In addition, it features a standard-equipped keyboard light to make it easy to work even in the dark. Moreover, with a special port replicator(4) it even supports an external keyboard and display, for a desktop-equivalent environment.

2. Runs the latest Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Version

The FMV-U8240 is available loaded with either Windows XP® Professional or Windows Vista™ Business. To meet the needs of large enterprises, it also supports Windows Vista™ Enterprise, which includes Windows® BitLocker™ Drive Encryption, setup services, and other features.

Fujitsu offers a customized menu that can include, as a pre-installed option, the latest Microsoft® Office products, Microsoft® Office Personal 2007 and Microsoft® Office Personal 2007 with Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007, which feature advanced tools as well as a new user interface that gives a greater sense of directness, enabling greater productivity.

3. Robust security features

The FMV-U8240 comes standard with a fingerprint sensor for robust, convenient personal authentication. Not only can the fingerprint stand in for a BIOS password, a single authentication can take care of the Windows login and application logins as well.

Also included standard is Portshutter V2, which enables the PC's USB port or recordable media drives to be disabled. With respect to the USB port, not only can it be disabled but it can be configured only to accept administrator-approved devices.

Pricing, availability, and key specifications (in Japan)

The figures in the table below represent the suggested retail price (tax not included) of standard spec models equipped with Windows® XP Professional or Windows Vista™ Business. Custom models with different specifications are subject to special pricing.

Product OS MSRP Key specifications Availability
FMV-U8240 Windows® XP Professional JPY 144,000 CPU: Intel® Processor A110 (800 MHz)
HD: 20 GB
Security chip
JPY 164,000 CPU: Intel® Procesor A110 (800 MHz)
HD: 20 GB
Security chip
Windows Vista™ Business JPY 164,000 CPU: Intel® Processor A110 (800 MHz)
HD: 20 GB
Security chip
Early July

  • [1] World's smallest tablet-convertible UMPC

    As of May 16, 2007, according to Fujitsu investigations.

  • [2] Available with Windows Vista™ Business

    Also available with Windows® XP Professional.

  • [3] Battery life of up to 8 hours

    Up to 8 hours of battery life is possible on a Windows® XP Professional-loaded machine equipped with a high-capacity battery. Can be requested at time of order or purchased separately afterward. Standard battery life is approximately 4 hours.

  • [4] Special port replicator

    An add-on unit with enhanced functions that contains external CRT, LAN and USB ports. Can be requested at time of order or purchased separately afterward.

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