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Fujitsu Releases Systemwalker Resource Coordinator Virtual server Edition V13.2

- Enables virtualization of blade servers for better utilization and availability of hardware resources -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 14, 2007

Fujitsu Limited today announced the release of version 13.2 of its Systemwalker Resource Coordinator Virtual server Edition, which enables the virtualization of blade servers. The package will be available in Japan initially, followed by other markets.

By integrating the management of both physical and virtual environments, the new package enables oversight and management using the same operations-management views for both physical and virtual servers. Its virtualization capabilities extend beyond servers to storage area networks (SAN), making it possible to configure a blade server system with high availability and low cost without reference to either physical or virtual environments.

In recent years, in an effort to optimize IT infrastructure, maximize system investment efficiency, and reduce server energy consumption, there has been a trend to consolidate burgeoning systems on blade servers, a trend that has heightened the demand for ways to increase integration efficiency and operating efficiency.

Furthermore, with the increased performance of multi-core CPUs and advances in virtualization technology, the number of systems within an organization that are amenable to this kind of consolidation is increasing. With increased consolidation, however, comes the need to implement various configuration changes while balancing overall system resources and maintaining stable operating. As a result, system managers are experiencing an enormous increase in their workload as more systems are consolidated on servers.

Fujitsu's new package reduces the workload on system managers arising from this shift to consolidation on blade servers. The new package also dramatically increases utilization and availability of blade server systems.

Key Features

1. Unified oversight and control of virtual and physical blade servers

By offering a unified operations-management view, integrated management of mixed physical/virtual environments is made possible, thereby enabling identical controls to manage and monitor both physical and virtual servers. Users can perform typical tasks, such as identifying virtual servers experiencing problems caused by hardware failures, restarting, stopping, and backing up servers, using the same controls for both physical and virtual servers.

2. Reduced server-management workload thanks to strengthened SAN connections for blade servers

The use of the SAN Connection Virtualization Option, an add-on feature developed in concert with fibre channel leader Emulex, enables the swapping or adding of blade servers without requiring any changes to the storage-area network, thereby simplifying server management. This virtualization function requires no special hardware: while being compatible with Fujitsu's own ETERNUS disk array, it also works with currently available storage environments from other vendors.

3. Low-cost, high-availability blade server systems

Virtualization of the servers and SAN environment makes it possible to manage a high-availability, low-cost system without worrying about the difference between physical and virtual environments.

1) The process of bringing a reserve server online when a problem is detected is completely automated, permitting continuous operations without bothering the system manager. This function is standard and requires no additional software purchases or troublesome scripting.

2) In concert with VMware's HA function, physical and virtual environments can be created with a single reserve server. Compared to other server-management software, this enables a more economical high-availability system (the “N+1 standby system”).

Comment from VMware, Inc.

“We are pleased that Fujitsu has launched the new version of Systemwalker Resource Coordinator Virtual server Edition V13.2” said Brian Byun, VP Global Partners and Solutions for VMware, Inc. “We believe that Fujitsu's server management solution combined with VMware Infrastructure 3, the industry's leading virtualization solution especially VMware HA, the first high availability product in industry standard virtualization, delivers efficient utilization for users.”

Comment from Emulex Corporation

“Emulex continues to work closely with Fujitsu to provide industry-leading SAN connectivity solutions with unique Virtual HBA technology, which fully complements Fujitsu's new family of server blades that are optimized for virtualized server environments,” said Mike Smith, executive vice president of worldwide marketing, Emulex Corporation. “As more virtualized blade server deployments leverage the benefits of networked storage, Emulex is at the forefront of providing the capabilities end users depend on for maintaining SAN best practices within the data center.”

Overview of Fujitsu Virtualization

Fujitsu offers virtualization solutions for infrastructure optimization as core solutions of its TRIOLE IT platform. Using industry-standard, open virtualization technology, Fujitsu offers a wide selection to delver value to customers, from mission-critical systems to highly dynamic systems.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace. Pace-setting device technologies, highly reliable computing and communications products, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts uniquely position Fujitsu to deliver comprehensive solutions that create infinite possibilities for its customers' success. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 5.1 trillion yen (US$43.2 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007. For more information, please see:

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Date: 14 May, 2007
City: Tokyo
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