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Fujitsu Releases ETERNUS2000 Entry-Level Disk Array

- Delivers Enterprise-class Performance and Reliability -

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, May 09, 2007

Fujitsu Limited today announced the release of the ETERNUS2000 series, an entry-level addition to its existing line of disk arrays. The new series comes in three compact, power-saving models that offer extensive copying features, including the ability to run backups during regular operations, and can be expanded to handle increased data storage needs. Fujitsu is today starting a phased launch of the new series worldwide(1).

Each of the new models comes in a thin, 2U (9-cm) rackmount configuration. Reducing the total number of parts in these models has enabled power consumption to be cut by roughly 40%(2) . In addition, the operating noise level emitted by the new series is just 42 decibels, among the quietest in the industry. Despite being entry-level arrays, they include high-end features, such as advanced copy capabilities and a maximum capacity of 54 TB, enabling affordable data backup and storage of increasing data volumes for systems supporting a division of a large corporation or enterprise systems of mid-sized companies.

As does the rest of the ETERNUS series, the new models work with any UNIX or PC server. By enhancing its line of entry-level disk arrays, Fujitsu is responding to the diversity of customer needs in the marketplace.

In order to enhance internal control and other processes and operations, corporate information systems departments are seeking cost-effective ways to efficiently store and manage burgeoning volumes of data. To respond to this need, Fujitsu has enhanced its line of products with three disk array models in the new ETERNUS2000 series, which are equipped with extensive copy features, including on-line backups, and are expandable, facilitating data integration.

Key Features

1. Compact, power-saving design

By integrating onto a single chip the RAID controller as well as the control functions for external and internal interfaces, which used to require multiple chips and a significant amount of space, while also reducing the product’s total number of components by roughly 60%, Fujitsu was able to make the ETERNUS2000 extremely compact, with a height of just 2U (9-cm), and energy efficient, consuming 40% less energy than previous models. Moreover, with the addition of Eco-Mode, which stops the spinning of disks that are not accessed, power consumption can be reduced by up to 15%(3) compared to the case in which disk spinning is not stopped.

To reduce operational noise, the fan speed adjusts for different levels of ambient temperature, enabling operation at just 42 decibels, among the quietest in the industry and roughly as quiet as a library.

2. Easy to operate, easy to deploy

Initial setup can be handled via a web interface that demands the fewest parameters possible, making this system easy to operate. Those wishing to fine-tune their setup still have access to a detailed setup menu, available in Japanese and English.

3. Extensive copy features, including on-line backup

ETERNUS2000 models 100 and 200 support the Advanced Copy function, which permits high-speed disk-to-disk copies during regular operations.

To meet diverse customer needs for backups, the series also supports copy functions that previously have only been available on enterprise-class models, including QuickOPC, a copy function ideal for backups of mission-critical databases, and SnapOPC, a copy function optimized for multi-generational backups in which only data changes are copied to the copy volume.

4. Expandable enough to act as an integrated storage environment

The ETERNUS2000 model 200 can be configured with a maximum of 72 disk drives for a total of 54 TB of storage. This enables users to integrate storage at the department level.

This unit can be configured with fast, reliable 15,000 rpm SAS drives, or with SATA drives for disk-to-disk backup and near-line archiving. It even supports heterogeneous drive types in the same chassis, permitting generational upgrades inside the same box.

5. Top of the line reliability, broad OS support

Every model in the ETERNUS2000 series includes redundant controllers, power supplies, and fans. With support for RAID6, which enables data to be preserved even when two drives in the same RAID group fail, and with Block Guard, which guarantees data coherence by adding a check-code to all data being stored, this series provides high-end reliability in entry-grade products.

Another feature borrowed from high-end systems is multi-vendor support, meaning these arrays work with UNIX and PC servers from any manufacturer.

Sales Targets

12,100 systems worldwide over the next two years.

For more information

Please see the ETERNUS website:

Download Images

ETERNUS2000 model 200 (94 KB)   
ETERNUS2000 model 100 (45 KB)   
ETERNUS2000 model 50 (26 KB)   

  • [1] Fujitsu is today starting a phased launch of the new series worldwide

    Two of these models will be available outside of Japan, the ETERNUS2000 model 100 and ETERNUS2000 model 200.

  • [2] 40% power reduction

    Comparing the ETERNUS2000 model 100 to the ETERNUS4000 model 80, each configured with 12 disk drives.

  • [3] Up to 15% reduction in power consumption

    Value obtained using 7.2TB of SAS drives for primary storage, 18TB of near-line SATA drives for third-generation backup, in scenarios with backup drives running for 24 hours and for 5 hours.

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