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Fujitsu Starts Volume Production of 2 Mbit FRAM Chips

-Industry-leading volume production of largest capacity FRAM chips-

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 18, 2007

Fujitsu Limited ("Fujitsu") today announced the availability of its 2 Megabit (Mbit) FRAM(1) memory chips, the largest capacity FRAM in volume production in the world(2). The two FRAM memory products, MB85R2001 and MB85R2002, have the characteristics of FRAM which is a non-volatile memory(3) that features high-speed data writing, low power consumption, and which can endure a high number of write cycles.

In recent years, in electronic equipment such as car navigation systems, multi-function printers, and measuring instruments, non-volatile memory is being used to store various parameters, record operating conditions of equipment, as well as store security information. FRAM is ideal for such applications, as compared to E2PROM(4) it can endure a high number of write cycles, and has low power consumption as well as high-speed data writing. In accordance with advancement of higher functionalities of these types of equipment, demand is increasing for FRAM that features higher memory capacity.

As a pioneer in the field, Fujitsu started volume production of FRAM products in 1999, and has reached worldwide sales of approximately 500 million chips, including discrete memory chips and chips with embedded FRAM memory. In order to meet demand for increased FRAM memory capacity, Fujitsu doubled the memory capacity from previous products and brought the MB85R2001 and MB85R2002 products to market as early as possible. These 2 Mbit FRAM products are the largest capacity FRAM products at volume production level in the world.

Compared to conventional battery-backup SRAMs, using these new FRAM products from Fujitsu make it unnecessary to rely on a battery for data retention, while also enabling simplification of production processes and maintenance tasks, and reduction of material waste, thereby alleviating the environmental burden.

Sample Price & Availability

Product Sample Price (including tax) Availability
MB85R2001 2,000 Yen From April 18, 2007
MB85R2002 2,000 Yen From April 18, 2007

Sales Targets

Total of both chips : 200,000 chips per month.

Key Features

  1. High-speed writing using low power, high cycle endurance
    FRAM is one of the next generation memories that feature the advantages of both RAM and ROM. Compared to E2PROM, the data writing speed of FRAM is over 10,000 times faster, the power consumption during writing is less than a tenth, and the number of possible write cycles is over 10,000 times higher.
  2. 2 Mbit in same package as 1 Mbit FRAM product
    The new products have the same electrical characteristics and use the same TSOP-48 package as Fujitsu's 1 Mbit FRAM products (MB85R1001, MB85R1002) in production. With the additional connection of only one address, a shift to the 2Mbit products is possible. Therefore, on the same printed circuit board, depending on the necessary memory capacity either 1 Mbit or 2 Mbit FRAM can be selected.

Anticipated Applications

With FRAM's characteristics of high-speed data writing, and the high number of possible write cycles, it can be used in office equipment to store event counts, or store various parameters and log at every event, without concern for the number of write cycles. FRAM allows 10 billion read/write cycles, which corresponds to writing 30 times a second continuously for 10 years. Also, FRAM can store data for more than 10 years without a battery. For measuring instruments, if power is cut, data can be written to FRAM at high-speed so valuable data will not be lost. Utilizing such characteristics of FRAM, functions which could not be achieved using other memories such as SRAM, E2PROM, and flash memory, can be achieved with FRAM.

Key Specifications

  MB85R2001 MB85R2002
Bit Configuration 256 Kwords x 8 bits 128 Kwords x 16 bits
Power Supply Voltage 3.0~3.6V
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ +85°C
Read Access Time 100 ns
Read Cycle Time
Write Cycle Time
150 ns
Data Retention Period over 10 years
Write Cycle endurance over 1010 (10 billion cycles)
Package TSOP-48

For more information:

  • [1] FRAM

    Ferroelectric Random Access Memory. A non-volatile memory that uses a ferroelectric film as the capacitor for data retention. Data is held even without a power supply. Features strengths of both ROM and RAM, such as fast writing speed, low power consumption, and endurance of a high number of write cycles. It is also referred to as FeRAM.

  • [2] Largest capacity FRAM in volume production in the world

    As of April 17, 2007, as surveyed by Fujitsu.

  • [3] Non-volatile memory

    Memory that retains data even when power is switched off.

  • [4] E2PROM

    Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. A non-volatile memory that can be erased electrically, and is a readable and writeable ROM

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