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Fujitsu Launches New Image-Processing Chips for Compact Digital Cameras with Video

Two newest chips in Milbeaut™ line feature high functionality for slim, compact and lightweight digital cameras

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, July 12, 2006

Fujitsu Limited today announced that from August 1 it will begin sales of two new models, MB91683 and MB91686, in its Milbeaut ™ line of advanced image processing large-scale integrated circuit (LSI) chips for digital cameras.

MB91683 and MB91686 are part of the new fourth-generation line (M-4) of Fujitsu's Milbeaut chips, which feature highest specifications for low power consumption and high-resolution imaging technology. The MB91683 provides features in a single chip numerous functions that are ideal for compact digital cameras, while the MB91686 in addition features video functionality.

The Milbeaut line of image-processing chips integrate various functions necessary for image processing - such as color interpolation, compression, and a variety of interfaces - into a single chip, thereby making it ideal for use in a variety of digital cameras and mobile phones featuring imaging functions.

The new MB91683 chip is particularly ideal for compact, slim, and lightweight digital cameras, as it provides basic functionalities required on a single chip. Functions which in the past required peripherals devices - such as audio processing, calendar features, anti-shake with high-sensitivity photography, are now featured on the chip. Integrating these functions into a single chip enables the design of smaller, lighter, and slimmer cameras featuring high-resolution imaging.

MB91686 is based on the MB91683 model and offers additional features for video recording and playback and CD-quality audio processing.

Both chip models are manufactured at Fujitsu's leading-edge advance semiconductor fab in Mie, Japan using 300-mm wafers and 90 nanometer (nm) process technology, resulting in industry-leading levels of power saving. The new chips were developed in collaboration with Fujitsu VLSI Limited, Fujitsu Micro Solutions Limited, and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited.

Sample Pricing and Availability

Product: MB91683

  • Sample price (tax included): 3,500 yen
  • Date available from: August 1, 2006

Product: MB91686

  • Sample price (tax included): 4,000 yen
  • Date available from: August 1, 2006

Sales Targets

300,000 chips/month per model (MB91683 and MB91686)

Key Features

1. Peripherals functions now embedded in single chip; enables smaller camera size and lowers overall cost (for both MB91683 and MB91686)

  • Built-in calendar function, voice recording and playback amplifier and codec
  • Programs stored on NAND flash memory can boot system, eliminating the need for external memory to program

2. World's first: Built-in high-sensitivity photography and anti-shake image processing functions (for both MB91683 and MB91686)

  • Increased image sensitivity for a faster shutter and less distortion from shaking is made possible through digital processing
  • New noise-reduction function for high-sensitivity photography

These new chips are the first in the industry to integrate these functions into a single chip. Fujitsu's new Milbeaut chips enable high-sensitivity photography and high-precision anti-shake functions that are desired for high-resolution compact digital cameras.

3. Built-in MPEG4 video for digital cameras (MB91686 only)

  • MPEG4 codec is embedded, offering both high-quality imagery and high compression rates. It also enables high-quality video recording and playback at 30 frames per second with video graphics array (VGA) (640 x 480) resolution
  • 16-bit digital signal processor (DSP) built in for audio processing
  • Includes an HDMI(1) interface and REC656 input interface to easily enable connections to a variety of audio/video equipment.

Key Specifications


  • Process technology: 90-nm CMOS
  • Power Supply
    Internal: 1.2V±0.1V
    Peripheral: 3.3V±0.3V
    SDRAM unit: 1.8V±0.1V(DDR2, Mobile DDR)
  • Input clock: 48 MHz
  • CPU internal clock (maximum): 108 MHz
  • Image-processing unit (maximum): 54 MHz
  • MPEG-4 codec: Unavailable
  • HDMI interface: Unavailable
  • Packaging
    Type: 385-pin FBGA
    Ball pitch: 0.5 mm
    Size: 13mm square


  • Process technology:ackaging
    Type: 385-pin FBGA
    Ball pitch: 0.5 mm
    Size: 13mm square 90-nm CMOS
  • Power Supply
    Internal: 1.2V±0.1V
    Peripheral: 3.3V±0.3V
    SDRAM unit: 1.8V±0.1V(DDR2, Mobile DDR)
  • Input clock: 48 MHz
  • CPU internal clock (maximum): 132 MHz
  • Image-processing unit (maximum): 66 MHz
  • MPEG-4 codec: Available
  • HDMI interface: Available
  • Packaging
    Type: 434-pin FBGA
    Ball pitch: 0.5 mm
    Size: 13mm square
  • Packaging
    Type: 385-pin FBGA
    Ball pitch: 0.65 mm
    Size: 16mm square

  • [1] HDMI

    High-definition multimedia interface. An interface standard for digital video and audio I/O.

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Date: 12 July, 2006
City: Tokyo
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