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Fujitsu Announces FlexRay License Agreement with Bosch

Will incorporate technology in next-generation advanced automotive control MCUs

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, January 26, 2005

Fujitsu Limited today announced the acquisition of a license to use the FlexRay™(1) Communication Controller IP-Module from Robert Bosch GmbH. The license will allow Fujitsu to embed precision-designed FlexRay™ IP into its automotive control MCUs(2) and quickly bring to market high-quality next-generation products.

Fujitsu currently offers MCUs with CAN(3) and LIN(4) interface protocols for various automotive control applications, including body and comfort electronics, climate control, dashboards, navigation, safety and sensor electronics, power-train, and chassis electronics. In-car control systems of the future will require faster and more reliable data transfer as data volume increases and systems continue to become more complicated. By licensing FlexRay IP from Bosch, Fujitsu will be able to quickly introduce new automotive control application products with even higher-speed data transfer and reliability.

The FlexRay IP core features data transfer rates up to 10 megabits per second (10Mbits/s) and employs a bus system that pre-defines necessary time slots within the transmission bus to realize higher reliability. Embedding FlexRay IP into a single-chip MCU will further advance the performance and range of automotive electronic control applications.

Fujitsu plans to offer an FPGA(5) prototype board that will enable customers to incorporate FlexRay into their products with ease. The company also intends this year to offer FlexRay as an ASSP(6) standard IP solution, which will make it possible for customers to utilize FlexRay IP with other CPU cores as part of their systems. In early 2006 the first MCU with embedded FlexRay IP will follow. The embedded solution will be based on the 32-bit Fujitsu FR core(7).

Along with its CAN and LIN interface offerings, the new high-speed FlexRay-equipped products will enhance and extend Fujitsu's line-up of highly reliable MCUs for automotive control applications.

  • [1] FlexRay™

    A next-generation automotive LAN protocol. Features high-reliability and is suited for advanced control functions, with maximum speeds up to 10 megabits per second (10Mbps). The FlexRay Consortium is promoting the standardization of FlexRay as a next-generation advanced automotive control protocol. Bosch is a key member of the FlexRay Consortium.

  • [2] MCUs

    Micro Controller Unit. An ultra-compact microprocessor that is usually used for the same purposes as a central processing unit (CPU). Also referred to as a one-chip microcontroller.

  • [3] CAN

    Controller Area Network. An automotive LAN protocol that is the most widely-used. Maximum transfer speed: 1 megabit per second (1Mbps).

  • [4] LIN

    Local Interconnect Network. An automotive LAN protocol used for low-cost automotive networks. Maximum transfer speed: 20 kilobits per second (20 kbps).

  • [5] FPGA

    Field Programmable Gate Array. Large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs) which are programmable and capable of changing logic operations in electronic equipment during design, manufacturing and post-production phases.

  • [6] ASSP

    Application Specific Standard Products. Standardized ICs for specific applications.

  • [7] FR core

    Fujitsu's 32bit CPU for embedded devices.

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Date: 26 January, 2005
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