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  7. Fujitsu, SAP AG and SAP Japan Strengthen Global Collaboration in Platforms

Fujitsu, SAP AG and SAP Japan Strengthen Global Collaboration in Platforms

Maximizing Customers' ROI Using Fujitsu's FlexFrame™ for mySAP™ Business Suite and SAP® NetWeaver™

Fujitsu Limited,SAP AG,SAP Japan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, June 15, 2004

Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702), SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), and SAP Japan Co., Ltd. today announced that the three companies will further strengthen their global alliance in the platform field.

The three firms will strategically promote Fujitsu's FlexFrame™ for mySAP™ Business Suite and SAP's SAP® NetWeaver™, and supply these applications worldwide, aiming to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and enhance the flexibility, of SAP systems for customers.

Collaboration between Fujitsu and SAP

SAP, which has a proven record of business solutions, notably enterprise resource planning (ERP), installed at over 20,000 client companies in 120 countries worldwide, and Fujitsu, which supplies platform products, including the world's top-performing servers(1), concluded a Global Technology Partner Agreement in December 2000. The two companies have helped boost business value for numerous customers worldwide, while working to enhance the platform's reliability through comprehensive technology collaboration and sharing of know-how.

Recently, in response to substantial increases in the level of customers' needs, information technologies have also become increasingly advanced. Consequently, however, there have been cases where the systems become more complex, with concomitant increases in installation and operating costs. Moreover, given intensifying competition worldwide, in order to respond rapidly to new business change, there is a need for systems that enable tasks and IT resources to be easily added and upgraded. To resolve these two issues of reducing TCO and increasing flexibility, Fujitsu and SAP offer FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver, respectively.

FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver

FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite, which was developed by Fujitsu Siemens Computers, a Fujitsu group company in Europe, is an innovative, integrated platform for SAP solutions that makes full use of technologies such as blade servers, NAS (Network Attached Storage), autonomous computing, and virtualization. By dynamically assigning hardware resources to an SAP application, FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite enables flexible system scalability, improved availability, and effective use of idle resources. Consequently, it substantially reduces the cost of installing and operating platforms. In Europe, approximately 30 companies have already adopted FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite, and at Hella, a major German automotive lighting equipment maker, TCO has been reduced by more than 30%.

SAP NetWeaver, an application platform that integrates heterogeneous IT environments, was developed by SAP to enable customers to both optimize their IT investment and respond instantly to changes in the business environment. To achieve the Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) concept, SAP applied the adaptive computing infrastructure, advocated by SAP, to SAP NetWeaver. This infrastructure effectively leverages hardware resources and assigns tasks dynamically. As a result, customers can achieve integration and operational efficiency of their IT environments, making it possible to efficiently process tasks that occur concurrently in existing hardware resources.

In May 2004, FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite became the first infrastructure solution based on the Adaptive Computing Infrastructure that passed SAP's Adaptive Computing Compliance Test. Accordingly, Fujitsu and SAP decided to enter a new phase of collaboration, providing a simple, flexible system infrastructure for enterprises around the world, using SAP systems.

Initiatives in the Japanese Market

Fujitsu and SAP Japan have been collaborating on the basis of their partnership in Japan. The two companies will now implement the following activities, such as those listed below, regarding the promotion of FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver in the Japanese market.

  • Sale of FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite in Japan (by Fujitsu, from the second half of fiscal 2004)
  • Establishment of the Fujitsu NetWeaver Solution Center, which will provide proposals, installation support, and operation support for FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver for Japanese customers (by Fujitsu, from July 1, 2004)
  • Technical support and training for the Fujitsu NetWeaver Solution Center (by SAP Japan)
  • Creation and development of proposals based on various business scenarios for FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver (by Fujitsu and SAP Japan)
  • Pre-verification of inter-connectivity, performance, etc. of FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, and other products (such as Fujitsu middleware) (by Fujitsu and SAP Japan)
  • Promotional activities such as seminars (by Fujitsu and SAP Japan)

Expanding beyond the Japanese Market

Initiatives in the Japanese market will be expanded in turn to Europe, North America, and South East Asia, and through the collaboration between Fujitsu and SAP, the companies aim for sales of 300 systems worldwide by the end of 2005.

"Fujitsu FlexFrame and SAP NetWeaver combined with NetApp NAS storage is a strategic new solution. We are very pleased to be working with Fujitsu, SAP AG & SAP Japan in deploying this solution." said Thomas Mendoza, President, Network Appliance, Inc. "Our simple & universal NAS solution can dramatically improve flexibility and reduce TCO compared to other conventional storage infrastructure in SAP R/3 deployments."


FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver will be exhibited at SAPPHIRE 04, an expo to be held on June 17 and 18 at Tokyo International Forum.

  • [1] top-performing servers

    Fujitsu's UNIX server PRIMEPOWER2500, in a two-tier SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Standard Application Benchmark test, achieved a world record of simultaneous access by 13,000 users. Central server: PRIMEPOWER2500 (SPARC64™ V, 1.3GHz, L2 cache 2MB, main memory 512GB, 128 CPUs)Users in simultaneous access: 13,000Average response time: 1.87 secondsOrders processed: 1,314,000/hourSAP R/3 version: 4.6 COperating system: Solaris™ 8Relational database: Oracle™ 9iCertification date: April 30, 2003Certificate no.: 2003030This benchmark record was measured in compliance with the regulations issued by the SAP Standard Application Benchmark Council, and monitored and certified by SAP.

Company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

Date: 15 June, 2004
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited, SAP AG, SAP Japan Co., Ltd., ,

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