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Fujitsu Enhances 'TRIOLE' IT Infrastructure for the Emerging Era of Ubiquitous Computing and Communications

New Initiatives Strengthen Integration Capabilities, Enhance Products for Rapid Deployment of High-Reliability Systems in Complex Heterogeneous Environments

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, June 17, 2003

Fujitsu Limited today expanded on its vision for the coming era of ubiquitous computing and communications. Positioning the key hardware and software elements of its TRIOLE concept as the comprehensive IT infrastructure for such a future, the company detailed new initiatives aimed at significantly strengthening the company's integration capabilities and product offerings.

Originally introduced in February of last year as an IT platform integration concept, covering servers, storage systems and networks, TRIOLE (inspired by the German word for triplet) is based on the three core technological areas of autonomics, virtualization and integration. Fujitsu's TRIOLE-related activities to date have focused on developing and delivering products that further advance overall system reliability, optimizing systems integration to take advantage of customers' existing IT assets, and analyzing customer system installations to discern specific high-reliability system patterns.

Building on these efforts, Fujitsu's new TRIOLE-related initiatives - which aim to respond to customers' heightened needs to flexibly accommodate changing business circumstances, cope with increased system complexity and reduce total cost of operation (TCO) - include the development of Platform-integration Templates (Pi Templates) that capitalize on the company's wealth of systems integration experience in sophisticated open systems deployments. In addition, the company is continuing efforts to boost the reliability and reinforce the interconnectivity of its key server, storage, network and middleware offerings under TRIOLE, with particular emphasis on augmenting the integration features and functionality of its major middleware offerings, including Interstage, Systemwalker and B2.Sframework. New middleware products currently under development and scheduled to be released over the next year include Interstage Shunsaku Data Manager (temporary name), which will provide high-speed XML data cross-reference/search functionality, and Resource Coordinator (temporary name), which boasts advanced autonomic control functionality.

In strengthening and giving further articulation to TRIOLE through these initiatives, Fujitsu intends to greatly accelerate the development and deployment of customers' IT systems in complex heterogeneous environments, while at the same time assuring them absolute reliability and seamless connectivity among system components. Details are as follows.

Pi Templates

--Capitalizing on Accumulated Expertise to Strengthen Integration Capabilities

Fujitsu has been analyzing major IT deployments in a variety of industries, extracting recurrent system patterns in open, heterogeneous environments and carrying out studies to verify system reliability and scalability. Based on these patterns, the company has put together a compendium of Platform-integration Templates (Pi Templates) and confirmed techniques for using them as functional building blocks to speed the construction of highly reliable open-system installations.

By employing these Pi Templates, Fujitsu will be able to quickly construct highly integrated, reliable and scalable systems that take advantage of customers' existing IT assets. As a result, customers will be better able to grow their business, accelerate operations, ensure stable system operations and reduce TCO.

Establishment of Pi Center

In conjunction with this effort, Fujitsu has newly established a Platform-integration Center (Pi Center). Located at the company's Numazu Plant and with an initial staff of 200 professionals from its Software & Services and Platforms business groups, the Pi Center will be used to develop and verify an expanding range of Pi Templates.

TRIOLE-related Product Enhancements

Focusing on the core technological areas of autonomics, virtualization and integration, Fujitsu has been continuously strengthening its lineup of TRIOLE-related products - at the component, module, individual product and overall system levels. Going forward, the company will place particular emphasis on augmenting middleware offerings to respond to customer needs for increased integration, as well as on enhancing autonomic control at software and hardware levels for assuring system stability, helping customers speed business growth and operations, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Key TRIOLE-related Product Announcements to Date*

Servers GS21
Complete new lineup with performance range of 3,500 times from low to high end (May 2003)
(UNIX systems)
No. 1 on SAP benchmark test (May 2003)
Global launch of mid-range model with mainframe-class RAS technology (May 2003)
(IA systems)
High-performance 4-way model (Nov. 2002)
Highly compact blade server 2CPU model (Feb. 2003)
Enhanced entry model lineup (Jun. 2003)
Storage Systems ETERNUS Network storage server (Feb. 2002)
Model with autonomic back-up and high-speed recovery functions (Apr. 2003)
Top-class mid-range models (May 2003)
Network Solutions IPCOM
(Network server)
Model with industry's highest performance Layer 7 load distribution and bandwidth controller (Feb. 2003)
(IP network products)
High-end IP access router (Dec. 2002)
High-performance equipment for firewall use (Jan. 2003)
Mid-range IP access router (May 2003)
Middleware B2.Sframework
(Open systems construction framework)
Application framework and application control/operation functionality (Jan. 2003)
(Collaborative business integration)
Advanced technology version for driving expansion of Web services (Jun. 2002)
.NET compatibility (Oct. 2002)
Enhanced Web services for small and mid-sized businesses (Jan. 2003)BI software via partnership with Cognos (May 2003)
(Integrated operations management software)
Enhanced multivendor storage management (Jul. 2002)
Advanced technology version for Web services and virtual networks (Oct. 2002)
Other Collaboration with Red Hat for Linux solutions (May 2003)

Upcoming TRIOLE-related Product Developments (in FY2003)*

Servers, Storage and Networks Responding to needs for higher speed, larger processing capability and high reliability, will introduce successive product enhancements and strengthen autonomic functionality via middleware linkages.
Middleware Will introduce series of new products aimed at facilitating customers' business growth and expansion via greater system connectivity, service integration and reliability.

- Interstage Shunsaku Data Manager Enterprise Edition with enhanced high-speed XML data cross-reference/search functionality (2Q FY2003)
- Enhanced features for ubiquitous services (3Q FY2003)
- Resource Coordinator with enhanced autonomic control functionality (4Q FY2003)

*All product information refers to Japan market; many products are or will also be available outside Japan.

Customer Views on TRIOLE

Kanebo, Ltd.

One key issue confronting our cosmetics group, in terms of raising our competitiveness, was how to provide useful information, directly and in a timely manner, to the 7,000 beauty counselors that make up the front lines of our sales force. The key point in this regard was to develop and deploy the right handheld terminals and network system. Working closely with Fujitsu's consulting group, we decided to create a beauty counselor knowledge management system based on the TRIOLE information technology infrastructure. Designed with an eye toward the age of ubiquitous computing and communications, our system is considered to be one of the most advanced mobile knowledge management systems. Thanks to TRIOLE, the switchover to this system occurred right on schedule, taking just 7 months from development to deployment. It is now essential to our sales growth. We are now working on developing a system that will enable us to make even better use of the accumulated knowledge content. So we will be counting on TRIOLE even more.

Eiichi Yoshida
Executive General Manager
Computer Systems Dept. Cosmetics Division
Kanebo, Ltd.

Matsushita Electric Works Information Systems Co., Ltd. (NAIS-IS)

As a developer and provider of business applications, we are concerned with shortening development times and maximizing utilization of our existing system assets. Regarding the latter, we have a lot of applications originally developed in COBOL, and in looking for a development framework that would enable us to utilize those assets in developing business applications for open systems environments, we came across Fujitsu's B2.Sframework offering, part of its TRIOLE infrastructure. Utilizing B2.Sframework, we were able to reduce the time required to complete the development of our MetaForce wholesaler sales management package from a projected nine months to just six months. Based on this success, we intend to use B2.Sframework as a development platform in the future.

Tsutomu Toda
Matsushita Electric Works Information Systems Co., Ltd.

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