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  7. Fujitsu Invia and Foreningssparbanken Sign Agreements Worth ca 11 Million Euros

Fujitsu Invia and Foreningssparbanken Sign Agreements Worth ca 11 Million Euros

Fujitsu Invia

Helsinki, May 19, 2003

Fujitsu Invia has signed two agreements with Foreningssparbanken, which together amount to approximately SEK 100 million (ca EUR 11 million). One of the agreements covers help desk services for the bank's13 000 users, including everything from IT help desk to advanced user support for the bank's business applications. According to the other agreement Invia shall manage servers for Foreningssparbank's offices.

The collaboration between Foreningssparbanken and Fujitsu Invia has continued in various forms since the 1970’s, stretching from server and desktop deliveries to help desk and consultancy services. The two new agreements further strengthen the collaboration.

User support agreement
Fujitsu Invia's advanced user support service singles out the company among its competitors with its ability to offer deep expertise on customer business applications. Delivering the service requires high supply capacity, security routines and flexibility. "Fujitsu Invia has once again proved that it is able to meet our high requirements", says Hanna Gothelf of Foreningssparbanken. IT systems being such important tool in bank personnel's daily work, they need strong support. Foreningssparbanken aims at freeing its staff's time entirely to efficient customer service, which is not possible without a reliable and competent IT support.

Help desk services are provided by Fujitsu Invia's office in Stugun. Some 50 persons answer questions and provide help regarding standard programs as well as Microsoft Office and the bank's IT systems handling deposits and credits. The Stugun office was opened in the fall of 1998 and has been growing ever since. Now there are prospects to expand it further.

Servers delivered
Foreningssparbanken plans to replace old servers in its offices throughout the country. According to the newly signed agreement Fujitsu Invia will deliver the new hardware. This concerns up to 500 offices.

Press Contacts

Jan Henriques, MD

Phone: Phone: + 46 8 793 78 78
Company:Fujitsu Invia in Sweden

Press Contacts

Hanna Gothelf

Phone: Phone: + 46 8 585 913 79
Company:Foreningssparbanken AB

Date: 19 May, 2003
City: Helsinki
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