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  7. Fujitsu Invia to Deliver DogNet Portal to the Finnish Kennel Club

Fujitsu Invia to Deliver DogNet Portal to the Finnish Kennel Club

Fujitsu Invia

Helsinki, May 05, 2003

The Finnish Kennel Club has chosen Fujitsu Invia to deliver their new DogNet portal. DogNet will serve over 100,000 individual members and 1,700 member clubs of the Kennel Club. In addition to a versatile Internet web site, DogNet will also provide Extranet services for breed clubs, kennel districts and trustees, as well as an intranet web desktop for the office and board of the Kennel Club. The service will be provided by Invia's management and monitoring services.

The DogNet dog information system is based on Microsoft's .net architecture. Its browser-based publishing system enables distributed content production and publishing. The portal is expected to be completed within two years.

"The evaluation process took about three months. Dozens of providers participated in the competition with three qualifying for the final round. We chose Fujitsu Invia because of its strong position in the IT services market and its reputation for offering reliable server hosting facilities. Other notable reasons included Invia's deep knowledge of the Finnish Kennel Club, as well as the project plans and detailed descriptions of commercialised services that accommodated our needs from start to finish", says Pekka Ranne, Chairman of the Web Services Working Group, Finnish Kennel Club.

"The amount of routine and investigative work at our office will be reduced as soon as dog enthusiasts are able to access kennel information through DogNet. Our operations will also become more efficient through the elimination of overlapping work on registries and repositories. We also believe that a Microsoft-based solution will deliver the longest possible service life," concludes Pekka Ranne.

DogNet is an integrated portal with five separate service areas. The Membership Management System holds the details of over 100,000 members and 500,000 dog owners. The Event Information System helps you to manage the entire organisational process of dog shows and trials. The Dog Registry System is the national population register of dogs, holding the details of nearly two million dogs. The Breeding Registry and the associated Reporting System will help in dog breeding activities.

The Finnish Kennel Club is an interest group and the leading central organisation of dogs and their owners, breeders and enthusiasts. The main goal of the club is to produce healthy and conformationally correct dogs through breeding and educational activities. The club supports dog breeding and training activities, and keeps in touch with decision-makers. The Finnish Kennel Club employs 50 people in the centre of Espoo and its annual turnover is EUR 5.15 million.

Press Contacts

Paavo Rapila
Managing Director

Phone: Phone: +358 9 5673 325
Company:Sales Manager Fujitsu Invia

Press Contacts

Pekka Ranne

Phone: Phone: +358 50 5967 474
Company:Kennel Club

Date: 05 May, 2003
City: Helsinki
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