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  7. Fujitsu Invia Provides Tieto-Tapiola with Secure Remote Connections

Fujitsu Invia Provides Tieto-Tapiola with Secure Remote Connections

Fujitsu Invia

Helsinki, February 13, 2003

Tieto-Tapiola is to purchase Fujitsu Invia's authentication service that is built on Invia's advanced SDA (Service Delivery Architecture) technology. The solution will provide Tapiola's personnel and agents with secure remote connections. Authentication will be delivered as an ASP service.

SDA mPollux CallSign authentication service is used in VPN connections but is also adaptable to secure Web browser and Citrix user authentications. Moreover, it enables strong authentication based on a phone call, mobile verification or smart card verification. The service enables secure remote access to any information system regardless of device.

The piloting phase of the authentication service was launched in October 2002 and the actual deployment project is currently underway. Initially the service is used by 20 people at Tapiola but the number will potentially rise up to 200 by the end of this year.

"We had a growing need for a secure authentication service to meet the needs of our staff, partners and sales personnel who are increasingly performing their duties using remote connections", says MD Juha Suutala of Tieto-Tapiola.

"Fujitsu Invia's authentication solution is secure and easy to use. Connection opens fast with a simple mobile phone call. We also wanted to opt for a Finnish solution", Suutala continues.

A market for secure mobile services is only just emerging. In Finland Tieto-Tapiola is among the very first companies to use mPollux CallSign authentication service with VPN connections. All Fujitsu Invia's pocket office customers do, however, use the same back-end system as Tieto-Tapiola in their authentication service. The mPollux service that was launched last autumn has been deployed or is being piloted in more than ten companies or organizations. It currently has over 2 000 users.

Press Contacts

Juha Suutala
Managing Director

Phone: Phone: + 358 40 580 8770
Company:Tieto-Tapiola Oy

Press Contacts

Terje Wihuri
Sales Manager

Phone: Phone: + 358 040 547 4725
Company:Fujitsu Invia Oy

Date: 13 February, 2003
City: Helsinki
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