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  7. KONE HelpDesk Provides Support for Over a Thousand Users

KONE HelpDesk Provides Support for Over a Thousand Users

Fujitsu Invia

Helsinki, February 10, 2003

The KONE Oyj HelpDesk in Hyvinkää handles dozens of calls every day. These calls are answered by twelve trained professionals who offer local helpdesk and on-site support services for 1,200 end-users at KONE Corporation.

Fujitsu Invia's largest local Help Desk at the customer's premises is situated at KONE's red brick factory building in Hyvinkää. KONE user support personnel were transferred to Fujitsu Invia, based on a partnership agreement signed a couple of years ago.

KONE HelpDesk can resolve almost any problem you have. In addition to Christa Karhunen, telephone support is provided by Jorma Hietanen and Sami Koskelainen.

KONE has systematically outsourced its operations and seeks to establish long-term partnership relations with its key suppliers.

"It is just not worthwhile to provide all support operations, such as IT services, internally. Keeping your knowledge up-to-date, for example, can be managed better by a specialist company," explains Osmo Kosonen, IT Manager at KONE. "Our outsourcing contracts are carefully planned, and we evaluate the content and the suitability of the service for our company in great detail," adds Kosonen.

The local helpdesk service results now in a faster and more flexible support to KONE's end users.

Questions answered by the helpdesk are of the usual sort: missing user IDs, access rights to resources, help in installing new software.

The HelpDesk receives some 80 - 120 calls per day from the corporation's 30 locations in Finland.

"We are able to resolve over 50% of the problems during the call. Others require further research or an on-site visit by our ‘adidas team’, or, in other words, our on-site helpdesk staff," says Christa Karhunen.

Outi Tamminen

Date: 10 February, 2003
City: Helsinki
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