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At Fujitsu, we work with customers across all industries around the world. We create strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to work together to find innovative solutions to business challenges. Take a look at our featured stories to see how we've collaborated with customers to co-create solutions that take advantage of the opportunities of the digital world.

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Featured Case Study

DFI are a French IT service company who are transforming their business, moving from being a pure channel partner and integrator to becoming a provider of managed services.

They’re implementing new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that enables them to provide better end user customer experience 24/7 which in turn allows them to:

  • exploit their data to automate the routing of any query
  • has reduced incident treatments by 20%
  • have simpler, faster and better process to handle calls

Case study round-ups

Download one of our round-up PDFs which bring together a selection of customer stories for specific regions and sectors.

Visit the Fujitsu Case Studies YouTube channel to watch video testimonials from our customers and see how we’re driving digital success.

Visit the Fujitsu Case Studies YouTube channel
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