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reddot design award 2011 Professional LED-Display Series

June 07, 2011

reddot design award symbol

Image of Professional LED-Display Series

State-of-the-art LED technology allows to combine brilliant screen performance with lower energy demands and a slim silhouette. Fujitsus new series of displays from 19´´ up to 27´´ is specifically targeting the B2B market. Designed as meaningful 3D sculptures, the overall gesture of the products make use of a reduced border on the front panel, bringing the focus to the screen content. In the rear, the form transitions into a simple yet sculptural relief of intertwining surfaces. With their multiple adjustability, the displays mimic the multi-faceted ergonomic needs of users. This close integration of mechanical features and design expression result in a product that combines streamlined ergonomics and aesthetics, and sensibly evolves Fujitsus new global brand image.