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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011 Raku-Raku walking diary

October 06, 2011

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With this application, users can download to a Raku-Raku PC the pedometer/physical activity data and photo data stored in their Raku-Raku Phone mobile phone terminal, automatically transforming day-to-day walking data into a diary. Changes in data, including number of steps, distance, calories consumed and physical activity are presented in graph form viewable on a scale of days, months and years. Users can grasp their daily physical activity at a glance, and thereby manage their health. Downloaded photographs are organized by date and time taken, and displayed beside the graph. This feature enables users to rediscover the joy of walking. A more detailed diary can be kept by describing the day's events in the comment field. This application provides a new and healthy form of fun for senior customers who love walking and taking photos.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Young people are more accustomed to sharing data between mobile phones/smartphones and PCs than are Raku-Raku Phone users. This application enables users to smoothly download pedometer and photo data to their PCs in a simple operation, so that they can manage their health or keep diaries. We highly evaluated this application because of its potential for evolving into a "life log" for senior citizens.