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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011 wall-mounted air conditioners for the global market LT/LU series

October 06, 2011

Good Design Award symbol

海外向け薄型エアコン LT/LUシリーズの画像

Small, energy-efficient, wall-mounted air conditioners are designed for the global market. Their highly energy-efficient performance and slim design have been made possible by the proprietary high-density multi-path heat exchanger. Excessive decorative elements have been eliminated. The front panel, which covers even the air outlet helps minimize the presence of the unit, making it less visible. The lower part, often visible to users, is also aesthetically designed. Operation indicators, remote control receiver and other elements were minimized so that the unit's appearance is always simple and in harmony with the interior space.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

The front panel lifts only during operation. Because the design elements around the air outlet are well organized, visual elegance is maintained even when the machine is operating. We highly evaluated the simple, stylish main body and the well-designed remote control.