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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2011 HumanBridge — a SaaS-based medical network solution

October 06, 2011

Good Design Award symbol

Image of SaaS-based medical network solution

HumanBridge, a social infrastructure service for patients, their family members and local medical institutions, is designed for sharing residents' health, medical care and welfare data that is separately maintained by two or more medical institutions etc. in a local area via a network of cloud data centers built using the latest SaaS technologies. Diagnosis and treatment data of any medical institutions can be seamlessly shared, even if their systems have been built by different vendors, by taking full advantage of the latest medical data standardization technologies (e.g., SS-MIX, DICOM). Under this service, diagnosis and treatment data maintained by respective medical institutions is gathered and stored in cloud data centers etc., under robust facility management, in order to offer medical care services without interruption, even during disaster and other contingencies, thereby providing local residents a more secure and comfortable living environment.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Cloud computing, which is one of the means to access ICT resources, will be increasingly used. Meanwhile, it is also expected to pose challenges in system building, due to complex, specialized technologies. This product represents a simple, generalized user interface for introduction and administration that enables public entities and private companies to use cloud computing in many fields. This product is highly evaluated for its design. Fujitsu's leading-edge design-oriented solution for expanding the market while focusing on user benefits is also commendable.