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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 On-demand Virtual System Service

August 09, 2010

Good Design Award symbol

Image of On-demand Virtual System Service

Cloud computing widely used in recent years allows for using ICT resources through internet and has features that hardware setups such as server are not required, ICT resources can be used when and how long needed, and resources can be used effectively by ICT resource sharing. However, to utilize those features, SE know-how, establishing a business system by combining virtualized ICT resources, is required, and not anyone can easily use them. On-demand Virtual System Service eliminates the complications from the system establishment to its operation to maximize the cloud computing features and provides an environment that any user without special skills can immediately establish and operate a business system.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Cloud computing using ICT resources is expected to be used in more sophisticated ways; however, at the same time, its difficulty in system establishment is expected because of its complexity and specialty. This application is a development of easy user interface generalized in its implementation and operation so that many public services and companies can use cloud computing in many fields. We value the pioneering point that the issue of market expansion was solved through design approach and its practical design with a focus on users' advantages.