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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 Toyota Genuine Navigation System NSZT-W60

August 09, 2010

Good Design Award symbol

Image of Toyota Genuine Navigation System NSZT-W60

This product is a SD memory navigation system with a 7-inch wide EGA full-segment tuner, equipped with the first in SD navigation, map on-demand function which can update to new map data, and with the recording function of favorite music CDs in a SD card like recording music to HDD. It also has the Bluetooth communication function which can transfer location information searched in a mobile phone application to the navigation system and can share the driving track through the application. This system provides the navigation in a new era by fusing the elegant and innovative design on top of these cutting-edge technologies.

Design support

In the matured car navigation market, we proceeded with our development aiming the following two points: (1) removing the image of the current car navigation system and (2) satisfying users who are particular about products. We believe users enjoy their travel time by fully using various audio-video functions as well as smooth traveling to a destination through comfortable system operations.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Spin part processing is a little too strong, but as a whole design, it is complete to give a beautiful and solid impression. Operation system of the main unit makes up the original expression, and its design brings a high quality feeling.