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August 09, 2010

Good Design Award symbol

Image of NTT docomo F-01C

With its high-performance 13.2 megapixel camera and super-surround microphone, F-01C is a high-spec water-proof mobile phone which can shoot fully realistic high-vision movies in high quality sound. The phone is also equipped with a 3.4-inch large-screen touch panel which ensures comfortable menu operations and picture browsing and with Wi-Fi function which allows for easy internet connection from a PC or a portable game console. All the required technologies and services are packed in this exquisite slim design with less noise, in the aim for our customers' satisfactions and long-term use.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

We value that its high specifications such as full high-vision movie shooting, Wi-Fi, and AR are sophisticatedly and exquisitely packed in its thin body with great portability. The phone is also well thought-out to have the touch-panel function, which is the recent trend in compact digital cameras, for operationality improvements.