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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 Environmental Constant Monitoring System

August 09, 2010

Good Design Award symbol

Image of Environmental Constant Monitoring System

Environmental Constant Monitoring System "collects and monitors" the measured data of pollution substances by setting air and water quality measurement station in each area, and the data are "released" to local residents and companies in the local government web site and large display unit. This system is developed in the standpoint of a user who actually monitors, with the long-term developed measuring, monitoring, and control technologies set as a core. This design of "visualizing" the environmental information provides the informatization of achievement status in environmental standard and of decision to issue for photochemical smog alert and the information to support the local residents' "security (health protection)" and "safety (living environment maintenance)." This informatization undertakes a role of a community for local government, companies, and local residents to work together on environmental issues.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

We value its great communication design for local residents and companies through the improvements in the view of system users who collect and monitor air and water quality information in real time based on Fujitsu's know-how accumulated over long-term operations. Also, the point of providing a friendly interface design for operators is valued.