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August 09, 2010

Good Design Award symbol

Image of ECLIPSE DREC100

This drive recorder continually records a driving video and keeps conditions at an accident occurrence and at a dangerous driving. This product has a highly generic shape applicable to a wide variety of vehicles, not only for general vehicles but also for taxi and truck in the industries which require provisions against accidents. In addition, its functions are selected to actualize low price so that many more users can purchase as a security and safety device.

Design support

We proceeded with the development of this product aiming to reduce anxieties in driving, and we believe that we were able to accomplish the appropriate design in its appearance across all the details. We are hoping that this product is used by a wide range of users and accepted in a market as a new added value to driving since it has various possibilities such as checking driving conditions and shooting sceneries as well as recording accident video.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Drive recorder is getting an item needed in unexpected scenes such as accidents in driving vehicles. Compared to the existing drive recorders, this device is valued in its well balanced and compact design of attachment, body, operation, and lens parts. The part that lens are mounted has a tubelike form to eliminate the lens directionality, and the edge of the body is also shaped like a tube to reduce a user's sense of discomfort when it is attached in a car. In addition, its shape is well thought out not to stand out to the utmost. The sizes of its indicator and of operation switch to check its running are kept down to their requisite minimum level so that they neither prevent driving nor sacrificing usability.